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Death to Sugar

Alright so we need to kill this menace. This dog is the most retarded dog in history. It’s a full bred Pomeranian and it is the very definition of neurotic. This dog is so connected to my sister it will follow her to the depths of hell and back all the while giving that blank stare that it always gives. This dog also gets depressed. Whenever my sister leaves the house or just leaves the dog alone it will literally act all sad and just go lie down in my sister’s room til she gets back. This one time my sister went to Hawaii and the dog literally would not eat, shit, or drink water. We had to give her children suppository just so it wouldn’t die from not taking a shit. This dog will bark at anything for no reason, and believe me the bark is a lot louder than you would think for a little dog. It’s not only just loud but it’s so high pitched and just so bad it gives you a headache, it could wake you out of a coma. There has been multiple times this dog has woke me up and on multiple occasions have I punished this dog for barking all the time and she never learns her lesson. Anyways I just wanted to blog about this especially catching a video of this dog. She has this thing where she knows she’s so small and when she tries to jump up on things she like gives up mid jump almost as if half way she just thought “Oh damn I can’t to it.” She does this constantly all the time when jumping up on couches or beds and such. Well hope I made ya laugh and if not laugh at least smile as you watched this ridiculous dog hop repeatedly while trying to get on the couch.

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Shutter the Window

Free thought flow from the brain
Falling pitter, patter, just like rain
Making such a beautiful sound
As each singing raindrop strikes the ground
And just like a swift flowing river there is no control
Just give in, the rhythm, it will fill your soul
Your soul shall feel it and together they join
Why leave such a beautiful thing to the flip of a coin
Measure out your reasons, if you will
Ignoring your heart and your body, telling you its real
Let the past die
Let the guilt lie
Forget everything you thought you knew
And give in to this precious moment shared by few
I love this, as vulnerability, it consumes me
Never did I ever think to see
Something as beautiful as this place
This holy light radiating from your face
No perfect way to describe, nor explain
The moment in which your eyes are free of pain
I fall away into the dark
Drifting far, your light becoming no more than a spark
Darkness overwhelms and consumes
Just an inch behind me death looms
Not understanding this place much anymore
Questioning everything I have lived for
Questioning motives of the unseen
Question what will come of me, when I sleep beneath green
Will they remember me fondly when from this earth I’ve gone
Will she think of me with the coming of every dawn
Will flowers litter my stone
As I burn below alone
Lost in this dark empty space
With just a hint of a memory of your face
Drifting always reaching
For you till the darkness has finished its leaching
Of all the light in my body and mind
The shell shall keep moving though the soul is miles behind
Forever locked in a memory
Of the beauty
That was you and me
Jake Sellers 12
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Puzzle Peace

Eyes more vibrant than the clearest skies
Close them, I beg, for they reveal nothing but lies
For what they show shouldn’t, couldn’t be real
A soul so overpowering its presence could drive a man to kill
So many unforgivable places
I have searched but found only negative spaces
Black holes full of misery
Sent out with precision to destroy me
Yet here in front of me is the reason I pushed through
The very thing I fought for I find in you
A glimpse of hope, a spark of interest
I must put this one to the test
You answered every question with a sense of grace
All the while my heart continued to race
But what’s this I see?
A locked puzzle box with no discernible key?
What could be hidden there?
But with another look I soon ceased to care
Headfirst I leap into the unknown
Heedless of the truth I was about to be shown
For deep inside your eyes, hidden well and kept under lock and key
I find a caged beast you keep just like me
A monster made of a different desire
While mine craved numbing cold, yours craved melting fire
While mine was kept caged so long it was nearly dead
I could tell you let yours out, listening to every word you said
The missing puzzle piece finally revealed
A shattered trust, never perfectly healed
Do what you must, but trust one fact
You will always long to come back
You will always crave the truth here
You will always crave the warmth chasing away every fear
You will always crave to hear my voice
For you will come to know you made the wrong choice
For I am truth and love made whole
I am an incredibly romantic soul
I found something in you once upon a time
Now I weep over the murderous crime
Of letting the beast strangle your goddess
You had the strength to be perfect nothing less
But the world planted its seed of destruction
Long before I could have offered you protection
So now you die to your addiction
And I lie here and shed a single tear
All for what I lost when you died my dear
Then I roll over and fall asleep
And there in my dreams you I shall forever keep
Safe and mine forever
Remain in this moment together
With heavenly bonds no earthly knife
 could hope to sever
Kiss me one more time then close your eyes
Tonight, this emotion dies
Jake Sellers 12

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A look into the brain of Chubbz

Alright so May 7th at 9:30 p.m was The Devil’s Carnival. I would have blogged about it earlier but I had surgery the very next day and have been pretty much dazed since I got home. Anyways The Devil’s Carnival was sick. Absolutely amazing. The whole thing was quite different than Repo! The Genetic Opera so if you are going into it expecting some industrial metal music then you will be disappointed. However if you don’t see it you will be missing out on an amazing show go see it nowish. So from there we go straight into my surgery, pretty weird stuff man. The doctors and everything did an amazing job fixing up my leg and hopefully it will be the last in a long 9 year trek of getting this shit fixed. Anyways no really funny stories there except when I started coming out of the anesthetic drugs I was dropping curse words like a damn sailor and it just so happens that every nurse there is a bible thumper. There were a few who were fine with it but overall they weren’t prepared for it which made them get all dumbstruck hahaha. Anyways the pain isn’t too bad in fact it feels pretty good. Sorta like an itch on your bone that just got scratched lol. It took like a week before I’m already walking without crutches or anything so it’s not that bad, it’s not like satan jumped out of the ground and took a bite out of my leg. Thought I’d just ramble a bit on this blog seeing as how nobody’s posted anything for a while. I wish the ramble could have been funnier but oh well. Kris is a whore and Jake’s a dubstep loving tween.


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Let Go

Darkness creeps upon me
So thick I can barely even see
But I have found the cure
Let the blood run crimson and pure
Let go the physical
Give up on the typical
Let myself go
And get lost in what lies below
The swift flowing river
So beautiful I begin to shiver
It’s all there and all I ask
Is that it destroy this, my broken mask
Let me be swept up in its current, carry me into the light
I know this is right
I feel it in my chest
My heart skips beats, I feel truly blessed
Everything that has been and will ever be
Is right in front of me
And for the first time I can see
Bright and pure light flowing everywhere
I can’t help but stare
The beauty shakes me to my core
I crave it, I need more
Its clean, it’s everything, it surrounds you
Give into it and accept it as true
I promise not much but this I swear
That my soul is now laid bare
For anyone looking to behold
It’s warm here, the river has swept me from the cold
It’s light here, the darkness has fled
Everything wicked has finally been bled
From me and now I see with no added fee
Indescribable, and incomparable beauty
I bathe in the knowledge of this place
I bask in the light thrown from your face
I know a war rages within
You feel guilt for assumed sin
You feel shame
But I can see you, I know your name
I know your place, I know you
We are the inspired, we are the few
Who can know love and happiness
Till the day of our final rest
When the river shall claim us
I’m not asking for much, just trust
Just for you to look beyond this place
See the hidden world right before your face
Give in to me
And this beautiful harmony
This song
That forever shall belong
To you and I
I speak the truth, why would I lie?
Jake Sellers 12
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