Let Go

02 May
Darkness creeps upon me
So thick I can barely even see
But I have found the cure
Let the blood run crimson and pure
Let go the physical
Give up on the typical
Let myself go
And get lost in what lies below
The swift flowing river
So beautiful I begin to shiver
It’s all there and all I ask
Is that it destroy this, my broken mask
Let me be swept up in its current, carry me into the light
I know this is right
I feel it in my chest
My heart skips beats, I feel truly blessed
Everything that has been and will ever be
Is right in front of me
And for the first time I can see
Bright and pure light flowing everywhere
I can’t help but stare
The beauty shakes me to my core
I crave it, I need more
Its clean, it’s everything, it surrounds you
Give into it and accept it as true
I promise not much but this I swear
That my soul is now laid bare
For anyone looking to behold
It’s warm here, the river has swept me from the cold
It’s light here, the darkness has fled
Everything wicked has finally been bled
From me and now I see with no added fee
Indescribable, and incomparable beauty
I bathe in the knowledge of this place
I bask in the light thrown from your face
I know a war rages within
You feel guilt for assumed sin
You feel shame
But I can see you, I know your name
I know your place, I know you
We are the inspired, we are the few
Who can know love and happiness
Till the day of our final rest
When the river shall claim us
I’m not asking for much, just trust
Just for you to look beyond this place
See the hidden world right before your face
Give in to me
And this beautiful harmony
This song
That forever shall belong
To you and I
I speak the truth, why would I lie?
Jake Sellers 12
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Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Poems


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