Death to Sugar

29 May

Alright so we need to kill this menace. This dog is the most retarded dog in history. It’s a full bred Pomeranian and it is the very definition of neurotic. This dog is so connected to my sister it will follow her to the depths of hell and back all the while giving that blank stare that it always gives. This dog also gets depressed. Whenever my sister leaves the house or just leaves the dog alone it will literally act all sad and just go lie down in my sister’s room til she gets back. This one time my sister went to Hawaii and the dog literally would not eat, shit, or drink water. We had to give her children suppository just so it wouldn’t die from not taking a shit. This dog will bark at anything for no reason, and believe me the bark is a lot louder than you would think for a little dog. It’s not only just loud but it’s so high pitched and just so bad it gives you a headache, it could wake you out of a coma. There has been multiple times this dog has woke me up and on multiple occasions have I punished this dog for barking all the time and she never learns her lesson. Anyways I just wanted to blog about this especially catching a video of this dog. She has this thing where she knows she’s so small and when she tries to jump up on things she like gives up mid jump almost as if half way she just thought “Oh damn I can’t to it.” She does this constantly all the time when jumping up on couches or beds and such. Well hope I made ya laugh and if not laugh at least smile as you watched this ridiculous dog hop repeatedly while trying to get on the couch.

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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Burned., Chubbz's Brain


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One response to “Death to Sugar

  1. Lindy Bird

    May 29, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Even I don’t like her! I tried, but she is awful!


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