Shutter the Window

29 May
Free thought flow from the brain
Falling pitter, patter, just like rain
Making such a beautiful sound
As each singing raindrop strikes the ground
And just like a swift flowing river there is no control
Just give in, the rhythm, it will fill your soul
Your soul shall feel it and together they join
Why leave such a beautiful thing to the flip of a coin
Measure out your reasons, if you will
Ignoring your heart and your body, telling you its real
Let the past die
Let the guilt lie
Forget everything you thought you knew
And give in to this precious moment shared by few
I love this, as vulnerability, it consumes me
Never did I ever think to see
Something as beautiful as this place
This holy light radiating from your face
No perfect way to describe, nor explain
The moment in which your eyes are free of pain
I fall away into the dark
Drifting far, your light becoming no more than a spark
Darkness overwhelms and consumes
Just an inch behind me death looms
Not understanding this place much anymore
Questioning everything I have lived for
Questioning motives of the unseen
Question what will come of me, when I sleep beneath green
Will they remember me fondly when from this earth I’ve gone
Will she think of me with the coming of every dawn
Will flowers litter my stone
As I burn below alone
Lost in this dark empty space
With just a hint of a memory of your face
Drifting always reaching
For you till the darkness has finished its leaching
Of all the light in my body and mind
The shell shall keep moving though the soul is miles behind
Forever locked in a memory
Of the beauty
That was you and me
Jake Sellers 12
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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Poems


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