Mother’s Day

11 May


What can I really say about my mom that could ever be enough? How can I explain the safest place in the world? There just are no words that could ever describe the way you can take me in your arms and immediately the calmness starts. Or how you are the only person who can say “Jake, everything will be alright”, and have me actually feel that it will be. Never did you judge me, ever did you love me. No matter the depth of the hole I had dug, you ever stood at the top, promising I will see the surface, loving me in my doubt. You gave me life, and loved me since my first breath. Unique a spirit, golden a smile, love that makes me know, that with it, anything can be done. You’re the only woman I can cry in front of. My safest haven in the world mom, was ever by your side, for nothing bad can ever happen there. I am an artist like you mom, a foolish dreamer too… I love that you gave that to me. I can never repay the hundred bed time stories, told from the same setting, yet always new and exciting. They would reach through my sleep and occupy my dreams. Inspiration is a gift mom, thank you. And let us not forget, no matter the attack, you ever had my back. I love you mom.

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Posted by on May 11, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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