Deconstruction is My Function

24 May


“I heard the wind through the trees and it made me scream. I’m wondering if it’s real life or just another dream.”

I sift through the ashes of a former world. Trying with all my might to reconstruct the crime. Trying to come to some sort of understanding, thirsting for a night, just one goddamn night, of peaceful sleep. A million outcomes, a million mislaid choices. Left, right, straight through… the mind remembers most, that which we long to forget. I become tangled, in a tangled night, existing in an ensnared world. Constricted from the start. Deconstructed in the end. My waking mind is so far removed, but my eternal mind remembers… remembers the brutal wounds… remembers everything. In my dreams I know my heart, my nightmares however, well they reveal something different entirely. I see the stones. Feel the bite of pain from every throw. I see family. See them turn red, watch them get taken, by one demon or another. They all fall, I let them fall. Inaction is inadvertently an action, after all. The water burns the throat, the smoke soothes the ache. Falling is best done alone. Saving the fall, regaining your feet, well, that’s something that the whole world should witness. Together, sever, forever, and always… fucking always… remember.

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