The brain keeps moving, even when the body has stopped.

28 May

I exist beyond beginning and end. I am an enemy to man, yet a dear close friend. I contort, twist and constantly bend. I am the darkness in the thick of your mind. I am the reason, I am the rhyme. Your arrogance astounds me, thinking you could ever truly be, free. You see, you’re a rat and this is the race, and you cannot even wipe, the astonishment from your face. How can you hope to escape, the feeling clinging to the nape, of your neck, you’re a wreck, a goddamned disaster, now hit your knees, and offer obeisance to your new master. Weak willed and bred to be led… my hunger fed, now all you see is red. I stand aside, laughing at every time you lied, smiling about the rising tide. Watching you crack, is like trying to enjoy a heart attack. Thank god I’m a sadistic, masochistic sick fuck, who just can’t seem to care about stupidity stuck. Goddamn misplaced soul, try to make it fit, in your vast black hole. Medicate and sedate, the insane, make them forget the burning sting of pain. Trap them and pull them, make them see… they have to fucking be, what we need them to be. Fools full of folly, follow fully, and willingly give themselves away… smile wide fool, for you win the day, all while the wise wile away, trapped between gold, and grey. Look to the sky, beyond every single why, and try, to picture a man, with feet of stone and cast iron hands. Watch him sit still, as you feel, yourself contort to match the lie, all the while his eyes are drawn to the sky, as you continue to bend, his lips whisper… goodbye… dear friend.


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Posted by on May 28, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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