30 May


I took a stumble throughout my mind the other day. The things I saw… nearly had me turning away. An ex junkie, with an A plus in sling, and all the goddamned chaos that’s sure to bring. A crippled thing, this mind I call my own. The unattended fires, have only surely grown. I write because it’s almost all I can do. This rhyme is mine, it wasn’t meant for you. So read on, if I sufficiently got your attention. I saw more inside than I have previously had the chance to mention. So follow along as I show you the dead, and how each body slowly separated, my heart from my head. Eyes leak less and less. The mind slowly calms itself amidst the madness. Times come and times go, but no matter what, everyone meets the same end, in this hapless game show. Calm down now, breathe deep. Buried secrets are meant to keep. Metaphysical metaphors, written in a blood red ink. Now pay attention, we’re incredibly close to the brink. Flesh and bone. Brick and stone. I fight these demons and I’ll conquer them alone.

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Posted by on May 30, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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