Misplaced Memories

05 Jun


Something’s coming. The earth beneath me whispers rumors to my feet.  The wind through the tree’s branches, mocks my sanity, and screams of doom. What can I hope to discern from these cryptic, foreboding creatures.  What truth lies… at the heart of all these goddamned lies? I have breathed of the wind… it has made me sick. Time and again I breathe deep… only to taste the sweet smell of death brush my tongue. There’s always solace offered, by the sweet, cold taste of water. The liquid flows smoothly, and seemingly effortlessly, right down my throat. Bringing moisture and hope… to my dry, death coated tongue. The earth offers hope, contained within a nice embroidered package. Those lucky enough to receive the gift from the mother, shall become one early on. Others shall be sneaked, tricked and deceived, into the winds wicked nature. Always blowing, chaotic… rootless. How can I find the balance between the two? Why must half my soul drift one way, while my heart and every other inch of me pull the other? Will I know before I’m gone? Or just pass a pauper of a prince, unknowingly into the darkness? Plague me no more, demon of the dark. I feel your breath, taste your fetid stench. I know you better than I do my own mother. I know who’s been watching, laughing always when I fall. Waiting, ever so patiently, casting disease my way from the pale moonlight. You will win in the end, my crooked friend… but every dog has his goddamn day and I’m not done breathing. Something is coming. Something will give. Just don’t forget… just continue to live…


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Posted by on June 5, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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