Thank You

04 Jul

It’s been a year, the calendar states. Funny, it feels like just last sleep. The silence has become deafening,  and the breath in my lungs, is an underappreciated gift. Every minute a blessing. Every day a treasure. Every year… a goddamned miracle. The cost of learning this lesson leaves a bitter taste in my mouth when I even but think of it. Hate raged from the shadows and snatched a beloved brother, uncle and son. This hate is despicable in nature and will snatch your heart in a moment… given the slightest chance. I raise this, to you sir, my drink and my heart, for this liquid could not moisten my throat, if my heart could not beat. Thank you for being a man of truth, honor, and love. Thank you for entering my universe and making me all the better for it. A year, says the calendar…

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Posted by on July 4, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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