Secular Romance Pt. 4

03 Oct

               For someone who made a living in helping people feel more comfortable in their day-to-day, this shrink had terrible taste in furniture. He had been sitting in the straight-backed, uncushioned chair for the better part of an hour. Listening with absolute patience while Doctor Kane continued his monologue, consisting of elaborately worded “you’re fines” and several “It’s all in your heads”.

               “You told me for example that your parents are Christian,” he continued in his mind dulling voice. “That explains any religious symbol within your dreams. The girl keeps appearing because you insist in staying in that ghastly apartment. I’ve already advised a change of scenery Jonathan, several times in fact. If you’re hell bent on staying there you must learn to recognize dreams for what they are. Delusions only gain momentum and power when fed.” Finally finished, he stares at Jonathan as if waiting for a response.

               When none is forthcoming he prompts with a question. “On the subject of dreams, have you had any new ones?” Jonathan stirs, and replies “Only every time I fall asleep. It’s a new one every night Doc.” Doctor Kane crosses his legs and asks, “Tell me the latest one you remember,” checking his watch he adds, “make it quick, we’re about out of time.”

               The second he begins speaking he’s back there. Disconnected like a ghost viewing the living, he hears a scream from his kitchen. “YOU KILLED MY SON!” He climbs slowly out of bed and crosses the distance to the door. As his hand reaches the doorknob he hears a woman softly weeping from where the scream had originated. He opens the door as silently as possible and begins his tip toed journey down the hall. The kitchen is illuminated by two candle lamps his mother had purchased because after hearing about the places gory secret, she swore it smelt like death. Laying in front of the sink is the small, crippled and beaten frame of the apartments previous tenant, Ravyn Sween.

               He knew her not only from the mural she had painted on the wall, but also from several online news sites that had reported on her murder. Head held in hands, sobs shaking her entire body, he wished not for the first time that he could calm her somehow. In the blink of an eye he is in a field of wheat, standing next to a large tree. He recognizes the house in front of him immediately as the one from the mural. A little girl can be heard screaming “NO!” He sees a dark-haired little girl come running from the house. The giant shadow man pursues her with bright white eyes. He sees Jonathan. He always does, he stops his pursuit of the child and begins moving towards him.

               “It’s like, I know I’m asleep Doc, but something won’t let me wake up. When he reaches me the same thing happens. He produces a pistol and hands it to me. Points at the girl, the innocent little girl. Without hesitation I shoot her Doc.” Tears stream down Jonathan’s face, he grabs a tissue from the glass table in front of him. Pulling out his prescription pad Doctor Kane says “I’m going to up you’re Trazadone from 50 milligrams,  to 100 milligrams, and am also prescribing some Valium for panic attacks. Try to remember your mantra Jonathan, you are the ghosts that haunt you. See you next week.”


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