Autumn Rain

21 Oct

Here I am floating. I see and feel the moisture gathering around me. The world turns grey as I become fully immersed in wet clouds. I’m collected and surrounded in water and I feel the thirsty ground far below, pulling me towards it with carnal urgency. I fall for what seems like a moment and an infinity wrapped within the same blink.

I strike the mountain with an immortal plop. I’m gathered again and surrounded in water, I’m rushing and tumbling through the mud and growth. I feel the water grow ever expansive around me. I glance left and see the eye of a fish, seemingly dead and panicked all at once. I watch as he swims below me and joins several others in the deeper pool below.

The flow slows and I’m staring into a clear sky. I look around and find myself in a leaf filled lake. I float with the current and end up on a sandy shore. Staring up as the sky turns black and the moon and stars shine white. I inevitably drift back up, towards eternal skies and everlasting flow.


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Posted by on October 21, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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