Cerebral Solace

24 Oct

Dream swept orange and purple sunsets coincide, coincidentally, with an overwhelmingly calm lake. Intermittent rainfall plays the notes that collide with the soft beat of a million swelling hearts. A half a moment in the vastness of eternity… perfected if only…

What is left in the wake of brutality? Does the very dirt remember the violence? Does something dark not remain behind? Shadows that reach out and choke with vicious pleasure. Darkened eyes, closer and closer to death with each dose. Almost clinging to the hem of death’s benevolent cloak with a plastic smile. Forgot to remember, that he will eventually turn… and gather you up.

The smell of Turkish tobacco intermingles with the fresh scent of rain. The world is softly glowing as the fog enhances the illumination of the night. The whole world seems to be asleep and peace has finally come, if only to this little corner of the universe. The soft scent of cheap whiskey soon begins to become detectable in the air. The sky breaks for one last watery assault. Hunched over with hood up… the cigarette still burned.

The inside of the tent smells of the moist, early, mountain morning. The water is as chilled as the frosty air. No parched throat in human history has ever been saturated with purer waters. The world seemed to bubble and float away. The fires dying coals are fed fresh fuel and soon flames burst to life once again. The world softly begins to brighten as the rain begins to fall from the heavens. Intentions perfectly interlaced together with reality… perfected if only…


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Posted by on October 24, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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