Capital Punishment

06 Nov

Idols bread from horribly twisted misconceptions, stand tall aside statues of other golden gods. A world twisted by point of views and misdirection, infiltrating the very shores of heaven itself. Design layed out in the shadow, played out in the bright of day. There are wolves amongst the children of men, sheep are being taught to be devoured. Image. Sex. Pack mentality. All the while you sit in your tower of absolute morality. Meanwhile I just can’t shake free the mental shackles of mortality.

Inches from me, a soul traverses the gap between a blink and a heartbeat. Angels cry as devil’s dance around in sickening amusement. Not all the water in the ocean could wash your hands clean of this. Brutal beast, cutting lives in half, bred from the dark of night. Slavering and disgusting. Pathetic slave of the devil. Bondage suits you well.

I’m a blink in the eye of infinity. Fall farther… I’m a passing amusement, breathing only at the grace of time. Drift higher… I’m ashes from the condemned blowing through ages and empires.

The sky breaks a bright blue as the sun gives birth to a new day. A promise was given, and a toll was paid. Pennance hidden in a million cages, locked down tight, inches from your aching heart. Time allows for no redemption in the eyes of man. Forgotten actions take the form of very tangible present vision. There is no salve to hide the scars… every last one… is everlasting.


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Posted by on November 6, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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