10 Nov

I’m feeling intergalactic and dyslexic, drifting through universes backwards. I took apart the damaged stars and nailed them on my wall, right next to faded memories of you and I. Dressed to slay and dreaming in cartoon colors, I blended into the night with in particular ease. Frozen roses explode in a pantheon of colors, I turn my eyes to the floor, unworthy as I am to behold this brilliance.

Legend carved into ancient stone, solidifying itself in the web of humanities collective mind. A tale of a telling nature, screaming to be heard, to be felt. Digression becomes second nature existing in a progressively distracting world. Webs cast to snag and to stumble, spiders await the vibrations of panic to begin. Cruel truths learned at the end of a blade, knowledge gained, naivete burned.

Blood, the power of the word itself is undeniable. Pain translated with a razors edge, like a paint brush caressing a blank canvas. Tunnel vision sets in crimson around me, and this hole doesn’t feel like home. I glance skyward and see the brilliance held in the night sky above me. I am marrying the moon tonight, and the stars shall be our children.


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Posted by on November 10, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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