Decapitate and Incinerate

19 Nov

It’s a sick revolution, this internal evolution, that spins a vortex around me, darkening every goddamn thing I see. It’s a twisted convolution,  that lays waste to my mind with pollution, if the beast only had a name, maybe I could finally win this game.

………..shove it in, shove it in……….fit dammit, you’ve got to fit……….

Follow the circle up then down, watching as the blood pools upon the ground, spreading in apocalyptic design, promising a fate that will soon be mine. A fire, a dissolutional mind mixed with desire, free flowing in crimson rainfall, hand in front of hand I continue to crawl.

………….I can’t see the bottom……..I must see the bottom………….

I feel it always with its incessant pull, gripping my body and confusing my soul. Promising hope at the tip of a forked tongue, stalking and whispering constantly since I was young. My only comfort as I patiently sit, just waiting for that bullet to finally hit, is in a few moments, you’ll finally give a shit.


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Posted by on November 19, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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