Riddle Rattle

03 Dec

Who are you?….
Please tell me?…
Please let me in?…

Once, a very long time ago, there existed a most magnificent waterfall. Over two hundred feet high, the water cascaded through a series of jagged cliffs and wicked shards of stone, to crash with a sound like thunder on the surface of the pool below. About halfway between the precipice and the abyss, out of the crumbling wall, grew a most gorgeous orchid.

I don’t understand… What does it mean?… Please, just let me help you…

I saw God once, in a series of tattooed dots on the back of an old Aryans worn out hand. It wasn’t the despicable biggot, or even his tattoo clevery disguising the image of the Lord, no, it was something inside of me. Something that clicked on like an overdue lightbulb. God is hidden in a million different spots in this world, and can even show up on the darkest night of your life, just to see you try again.

What darkened your world that night?… What was taken from you?… Please… let me help you…

With eyelids half closed, I regurgitate words that strike the cold cement with the same impact as the aforementioned waterfall.  I’m seeing God on my custom spackled ceiling, pointing to a hideous representation of Frankenstein’s monster and all the while I can’t take my eyes from the curled serpent in the corner of my room. I’m falling throughout space and time, all while I paint this plastic smile on my face for your benefit, watching empires and kingdoms turn to dust in the reflection of my mind. I’m staring into a television set built from lies, tubes and wires and all I can see is my broken soul reflected in the eyes of a generation of faceless children…

You can’t help me…
You can’t even help yourself…


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Posted by on December 3, 2013 in Paradise Drift


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