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Meandering Fuck Around

Wickedness seemingly thrives around every turn

Pile up the bodies, just to watch them burn

Satan can be heard, incessantly whispering in our ear

While our knees stay cemented to the ground, head bowed to the God of fear

I’ll just sit on my broken skeletal frame

Praying the demons somehow forget my name

Moving to the rhythm of the damned soul’s scream

Flip the cross and watch the nightmare consume the dream

Nobody loves and nobody tries

Everyone seems content to just keep living their lies

All the while the forgotten hero slowly fades and dies.

The apocalypse is all I seem to see around me

Innocence burnt and children left to be

They’ve crushed up the lock and have snorted the key

Now tell me the story again… of how we’re all fuckin free

Cheese em Jakes

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Said the Man

It’s hidden like those vast expanses of thought we hold down and bury away from the world. An idea without physical form nor even a real possibility of ever passing forth from the bondage of preconception. Pull the thread and watch the entire world unravel, right here, right before your temple of moral absolutes and social  redemptions. He without sin has cast the first stone, thrown with the hope the ripple would balance the surface of the ocean, but instead we’ve misconstrued the tide and have perpetuated the growing storm. Power hungry and lecherous men corrupt the once righteous sons of Adam, and have stolen the innocence from the precious daughters of Eve. Human suffering is catalogued and trafficked to the highest bidder, emptiness, after all, moves fairly easy in a consumers market. Credibility stolen by sanctimonious whores and self righteous bastards, the truth begins to fall upon narcissistic and deaf ears. Age means nothing when survival is a twenty-four hour convenience store at the end of the block.

I’m a single grain of sand, lost upon the shores of infinity. The words exhaled are pollen caught up in a strong breeze and sent flying to further spread this flower that grows inside the darkest of caverns. Shouting a myth into this current of eternal pull, hoping it will heed my call, and just calmly let me go. Buildings will erode and fall into heaps upon the ground, all while the earth beneath them shall reach out to strangle the very structure we all have thought to be invincible. Much like the tower meant to bring us to heaven left us even farther away from paradise, so shall the city built upon blood in turn claim the very flesh from our bones. You can only push the patience of the echo so far, until it finally returns with deafening clarity and cataclysmic consequence.


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I’ve been diving through atmospheric layers of infinite cosmic stardust, peeling the flesh from my forehead,  and cracking the skull. There’s always a second question to replace an honest answer, deception lies in the heart of our species. Since they’ve removed the fight, survival seems to be on the tips of all our loaded fingers, now we’re all just waiting for the knuckle to crack on the trigger. Here in the grip of this heightened anticipation for the end, I can’t find a place to even begin. There are flames on the horizon and I see the tide getting lower and lower. Now you know me. Go ahead and speak my name. Now you know me. The hands of fate have become impossible to escape…

There in the winter dark, I stand with my eyes glued to the heavens above me. A shooting star strikes a beautiful path across the western horizon, just above a waning moon. The world around me fades as my mind leaves the flesh behind and melts into the surrounding air, leaving a faint trace of whispy smoke behind. I’m pulled into a beat, much like that of a heart, but racing so fast it is impossible to escape. It envelopes me in warmth and thaws my frozen soul, all I see is red piercing through much like the heat of the fire. There I see just a trace, of a glimpse, of a vibrant blue eye. It stares through the being I have become, sheds a single tear, then fades away into the red…

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Fetid Fetish

Ancient letters scrawled upon faded yellow bones, the words collectively speak of madness, and tell of a million stories ending, in cold stone catacombs. I dreamt once of a sea, turned golden in the setting sun, with waters as calm as sin undone. It called to me, bidding I release myself and fade into it slowly, much like a distant childhood memory. Lips crackle and come to life against mine, the key to the kingdom realigned, in a mysterious physical design.

In the dark they spread and fed, floating like diseased corpses, right there above my head. Gripping and grafting, dragging me down, purpose only truly found, once my knees finally struck filthy ground. Words assembled from the corners of the mind, buying just enough precious time, to spin yet one more fading rhyme. Dreamswept landscapes of black and white metaphors, leave my soul forever searching these horizons, for more colorful shores. In a land wrapped in desire and tied up in meat, it takes every last ounce of my strength, just to keep moving these godforsaken feet.

The light may break a brighter day, but did I simply say it, just to push the dawn away? Was fracture my ultimate design plan, or was I always destined for this barren land? Derelict stone walls encompass the space between, the comfort I’ve known and the hell I’ve seen. I find no justice scrawled upon this polished white stone, but absolution can always be found, underground, upon eternally reliable yellowing bone.

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Posted by on January 2, 2014 in Paradise Drift