11 Jan

I’ve been diving through atmospheric layers of infinite cosmic stardust, peeling the flesh from my forehead,  and cracking the skull. There’s always a second question to replace an honest answer, deception lies in the heart of our species. Since they’ve removed the fight, survival seems to be on the tips of all our loaded fingers, now we’re all just waiting for the knuckle to crack on the trigger. Here in the grip of this heightened anticipation for the end, I can’t find a place to even begin. There are flames on the horizon and I see the tide getting lower and lower. Now you know me. Go ahead and speak my name. Now you know me. The hands of fate have become impossible to escape…

There in the winter dark, I stand with my eyes glued to the heavens above me. A shooting star strikes a beautiful path across the western horizon, just above a waning moon. The world around me fades as my mind leaves the flesh behind and melts into the surrounding air, leaving a faint trace of whispy smoke behind. I’m pulled into a beat, much like that of a heart, but racing so fast it is impossible to escape. It envelopes me in warmth and thaws my frozen soul, all I see is red piercing through much like the heat of the fire. There I see just a trace, of a glimpse, of a vibrant blue eye. It stares through the being I have become, sheds a single tear, then fades away into the red…

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Posted by on January 11, 2014 in Paradise Drift


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