Said the Man

16 Jan

It’s hidden like those vast expanses of thought we hold down and bury away from the world. An idea without physical form nor even a real possibility of ever passing forth from the bondage of preconception. Pull the thread and watch the entire world unravel, right here, right before your temple of moral absolutes and social  redemptions. He without sin has cast the first stone, thrown with the hope the ripple would balance the surface of the ocean, but instead we’ve misconstrued the tide and have perpetuated the growing storm. Power hungry and lecherous men corrupt the once righteous sons of Adam, and have stolen the innocence from the precious daughters of Eve. Human suffering is catalogued and trafficked to the highest bidder, emptiness, after all, moves fairly easy in a consumers market. Credibility stolen by sanctimonious whores and self righteous bastards, the truth begins to fall upon narcissistic and deaf ears. Age means nothing when survival is a twenty-four hour convenience store at the end of the block.

I’m a single grain of sand, lost upon the shores of infinity. The words exhaled are pollen caught up in a strong breeze and sent flying to further spread this flower that grows inside the darkest of caverns. Shouting a myth into this current of eternal pull, hoping it will heed my call, and just calmly let me go. Buildings will erode and fall into heaps upon the ground, all while the earth beneath them shall reach out to strangle the very structure we all have thought to be invincible. Much like the tower meant to bring us to heaven left us even farther away from paradise, so shall the city built upon blood in turn claim the very flesh from our bones. You can only push the patience of the echo so far, until it finally returns with deafening clarity and cataclysmic consequence.


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Posted by on January 16, 2014 in Paradise Drift


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