Meandering Fuck Around

21 Jan

Wickedness seemingly thrives around every turn

Pile up the bodies, just to watch them burn

Satan can be heard, incessantly whispering in our ear

While our knees stay cemented to the ground, head bowed to the God of fear

I’ll just sit on my broken skeletal frame

Praying the demons somehow forget my name

Moving to the rhythm of the damned soul’s scream

Flip the cross and watch the nightmare consume the dream

Nobody loves and nobody tries

Everyone seems content to just keep living their lies

All the while the forgotten hero slowly fades and dies.

The apocalypse is all I seem to see around me

Innocence burnt and children left to be

They’ve crushed up the lock and have snorted the key

Now tell me the story again… of how we’re all fuckin free

Cheese em Jakes

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Posted by on January 21, 2014 in Poems


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