Strong Language & Suicidal Tendencies

18 Mar

Lately I feel like I’m nothin but another fuckin’ bad decision, and this damned indecision’s been twistin my vision, it’s got me feelin’ like I’ll never escape this paupers prison, and when your livin’ just to keep on survivin’, there’s a twisted kind of longin’ when you start to think of dyin’.

I’m just another ghost set to roast through your memory, and I can’t seem to see, the way back to me, cause you’ve doused me in your fire oh so beautifully, and I’ve long ago forgotten who or how to be, so here I am now on bended fuckin’ knee, pleading with you to just set me free, please Lord teach me how to finally breathe.

So tell me the story once again, you know, the one drippin’ in sin, I’m beggin’ you to please just begin, though I probably won’t even hear you over this maddenin’, constant, din, seemingly reverberatin’ and originatin’ from within, and I can’t be the first asshole that’s ever fuckin’ been, so please someone tell me how to make it out again.


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Posted by on March 18, 2014 in Paradise Drift


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