Past View

30 Apr

Fall with me for a moment if you would. Imagine the calculated assassination of an entire population due to the threat of overpopulation. In this threatening thread we find nothing but sick rationalization and twisted contradiction and we are all lost and bleeding within their convolution. Just imagine a civilization built on the blood of an entire nation holding hope hostage with an evil sort of passion.

Now tread where none dare scramble. The grave is the eventual end, for you, and for me my friend. We come in bloody with fresh innocence to rend, and it’s become an increasingly twisted trend, to throw the piss with the shit and to let it blend. At the end of the day it’s just another letter we all forgot to send and an impossible direction in which to bend.

Grip my hand. I watched as you hesitated in the terrifying face of the fated. It’s been sedated and pushed past hated. It’s a faded definition of what it truly means to be jaded. The dream was overrated and has been tossed up to be graded. After all the sun is impossible to feed to the over shaded, and the screams of the damned have grated, at my soul with an echo completely belated, and now I stand increasingly berated and faded and hated and now I’m just begging to be sedated.


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Posted by on April 30, 2014 in Paradise Drift


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