Insanity Plea

25 May

              Faces from the past circulate like riddles thrown through this musty tome. I can’t believe that they are even real. I can’t believe anything anymore. Intelligence carries the weight of a generation of moronic sheep just begging to be led. I’m drowning in the world within and just screaming to the atmosphere for someone who fuckin’ sees. No one ever truly does. How can they?  And how fucking selfish of me to expect that from anyone. For them to see all the twisted avenues that make up this complicated mask that belongs to the world and to fuckin’ see beyond into me. How fucking selfish and foolish of me.

             Cremated remains and fucking dysfunctional circumstances, circumvent his current trajectory into oblivion. He drifts near the sun and dips his toes into the fire. The pool was never warm enough. His grip on every truth he held has diminished in his doubt and discomfort. The flesh keeps him fucking weak! The fucking flesh keeps him alive! And no one can begin to comprehend the comprehensive madness that has burned within since the beginning of cognitive thought.

                           He struck so fast. Almost in the blink of an eye. I saw the blood spray the air around him. I ran, but I still only arrived in time to see death claim him. Confusion and fear. There was no peace there. Only chaos and absolute fucking anarchy reigned that evening.

              But hey, I’m just crazy. Right?

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Posted by on May 25, 2014 in Burned.


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