Just as Suddenly

04 Jun



  He retraced the footsteps of a fallen angel and found himself surrounded by crimson with tears dripping steadily down his face. All of his life they said that it would come, yet he never could have properly prepared for that horror. They look at him with expectant apprehension, almost trying to will a smile onto his face. He shows all his teeth just like his father taught him, all the while he rages a war moment to moment inside of his fractured mind. There are no allies waiting for him, no friends hidden in the darkest of corners. No. Only demons and monsters await to bite his scarred, probing, hands.

             These words are like playdough, arranged before me yet never properly conveying anything. It’s as if I’m trying to cram the square block through the circle hole all over again. Trying to make a rational goddamn point out of irrationality and thin fuckin’ air. “I may be mad” said the Hatter to the impatient Rabbit. “But my smile is as real as the tea in your imaginary glass”.

            The sun breaks the hill, and the darkness is chased into corners and caves. The sky clouds over and snow begins to fall into the cold, calm day. He sees a peak upon the mountain, miles away, and just as suddenly he is there. He climbs his way up and through the thick snowfall and finally breaks the clouds and is surrounded by frosty blue. The sky never seemed so clear and as the day finally surrenders to the night, the sky is lit with the fire of a million stars. He sees the moon, so very far away,  and just as suddenly he is there. He stares down at the rotating blue and green rock that so many call home. It seems to call to him, to beg for him to return. He hears the cries of a million people, all screaming his name. All begging. All pleading he return. His eyes are drawn up and out. He sees a patch of darkness, light years away, and just as suddenly….

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