Saccharine Smiles

09 Jun

            Ostracized by those who would rather watch me die in a thousand lies than try to be alive.
            Meanwhile the hypocrisy creates a hierarchy that leaves me awash in a sea of meloncholy.
            But what they choose not to see doesn’t exist. So I hide amidst this dark cloudy mist cause I don’t need censorship. You didn’t know me then you sure as Hell don’t know shit. You weren’t there when I climbed out of the pit.
             See I’ve been to hell and back and spawned plenty of demons. I was there when Christ quit breathin. I roamed around in the garden of Eden. Often leave my body behind when I’m dreamin.
              I was there when Eve took the Apple from the snake. It made me laugh so hard I felt my ribs break.
              Splitting off, to create a new version of me. Self loathing cynic with a burning bridges mentality. The pitiful shell of me cried his plea. Put a bullet in his head cause I couldn’t stand The insanity.
               So here I stay concealed til my body is finally revealed and I can be healed. So numb I can barely feel the decaying flesh fall and peel. And sometimes life seems a little too surreal.
               See back before, I used to not have a voice. Sat screaming for hours but no one heard the noise. And now I’m pointing this gun and offering a choice.
               Keep away or be prepared for full on hate as I put a hole in your fucking face. I wonder if you’d become real or just remain a fake. Cut open your brain to see if you have faith.
               Nope, but it was a good try. I tear open the sky and all the lies fall in front of your eyes but you blind your mind. Stay on your knees and I’ll still fly.
               So at the end you never knew the real me. So I take this can and pour the gasoline. The smell stings and I instinctively feel the heat. So before I light this match and burn this bridge to my rapidly changing heartbeat. Just remember….you never gave a fuck about me.


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Posted by on June 9, 2014 in Burned.


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