What if the Morning Never Came?

19 Jun



   Blooming tulips burst forth and stretch their petals towards the sun. There is a lazy wind that stirs the grass, so that from a birds eye it would look much the same as waves on a lake. The morning came and washed clean the world from shadow. The world won’t wait and the meadow will be flattened and paved over. The tulips bloom will be forgotten as industry continues to plow through.

             The sandbox was swallowed whole by the page. The pen murdered the tiny action figures and left them scorched and still burning in the summers sun. The malicious intentions of the shadow struck violently at the bright light of day. Filthy hands streched themselves beneath the dirt and gripped the roots and with twisted little caresses successfully corrupted the growth. The madness of vanity and forbidden fruit was gift wrapped and waiting in the crib. Private reflections cast from a shattered antiquated mirror leave images of flowing crimson and decaying flesh.

            The stars shine down on smiling faces and authentic laughter. The drinks are cold and the night is warm. A song that everyone knows begins and the evening is filled with off note voices and monotone lyrics. Love is in the air and not a bad thing can be heard. Just the laughter. Slowly the noise begins to dissipate as more and more of the smiling faces evaporate to sleep. He holds her in both his arms and is whispering into her ear everything that she has ever wanted to hear. The stars shine bright above them and the blanket over the grass provides all the warmth they need. She turns her head from the stars and looks deep within his eyes. Their lips find their clumsy way slowly to each other. The kiss is punctuated by a falling star, as they simply continue on in a world where the morning never came.


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