Midnight Fire

24 Jun

              I faded out of place and mind, just trying to buy some time, to spit out at least one more rhyme. See I could never keep up with the sand, it always seemed to fall faster than I could plan, and the wreckage just grew to litter the land. I tore deep into the thoughts of my disguise,  but could never hope to hold back the lies as they oozed like tears out of my smiling eyes. It was a joke and a mystery, the kernal of truth always seeming to hide from me, so that this permeating fog is all I can see, always I hold the lock but never shall I grasp the key.

             Cause the truth was I was always just dying, and the thought of you trying, left me beat down and crying. So I grabbed a germ right out of thin air, it left me gasping and ripping out my own hair, I guess I fucked up and never learned to not care. I flew up and punched a star right in the face, cause that son of a bitch never cared in the first place, beating heart attack burnt out on this rats race, sick and tired of trying to solve this cold case. So turn and dance on the spattered grave, of a worn out and tired excuse of a slave, who never quite learned how to be brave.


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Posted by on June 24, 2014 in Paradise Drift


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