Remember to Dream

13 Jul

             Drums set the destructive rhythm that pulls you along for the ride of a lifetime. It’s like seeing clearly for the first time. Colors pop and pull you into a collision course with destiny. The moon in the open night sky doesn’t seem to be that far away anymore, seeming to be a mere skip away. The warmth burns with the same intensity as the molten center of the planet. The planet that exists just so this moment can happen.

             It’s told in the worn hands of the diligent gardener and in the wide smiling eyes of a child. It’s a feeling of passing bliss mixed with the long forgotten scent of a most sublime memory. Reaching through all the years and the walls built of broken bricks and scattered ashes. It envelopes the mind and eternity suddenly seems a simple and easily grasped idea.

             It’s as real and tangible as the air you breathe to keep dreaming. The sun is merely a reflection of the souls of those who clutch it. It’s a simple idea of miraculous complications tied up and drenched in smiles and closed lips. Secret dreams left to wander always seem to fall on shoulders already weighted by unassuming guilt and egotistical pride.

             The broken world was then forgotten and left to burn for its crimes. The flesh crashed against the shore with the evening tide and the soul flew far away. The hope was held open and continued to flow long after the dust had seemed to settle. Something left astray along the way haunted the empty towns and broken down buildings left there to rot. It’s a soft spoken myth whispered only in those areas surrounded by love and a calm understanding. It’s the moon. It’s the very planet that sustains us. The planet that exists just so this moment can happen.


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Posted by on July 13, 2014 in Paradise Drift


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