Bloodborne Bosses: Gehrman, the First Hunter Strategy

14 Apr

Gehrman, the First Hunter is the custodian of The Hunter’s Dream, the official base throughout Bloodborne. He makes you an offer to simply submit your life to him and wake up safe and completely ignorant of the night’s events, or you can refuse and try your hand at hunting the First Hunter. This is an extremely difficult fight so feel free to farm some Chalice Dungeons and get your stats and weapons where you are not only comfortable, but also confident. Gehrman is going to start out by duel-wielding a massive Scythe, don’t get jealous because the Burial Blade will be your reward in NG+ once you finish this fight. Make sure you have plenty of stamina if employing my strategy. Ideally you should have enough that you can dodge up to 3 times, swing your weapon at least twice and have enough left over to dodge away again. Good luck hunters, may the Dream treat you well.

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