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The Witcher 3: The Palio Horse Race (Is it over?!?)

Once you’ve completed the Vegelbud Horse Races, you will get an invitation to participate in The Palio, a race held after dark in Novigrad. Hopefully your own race will end a little smoother than mine did and you won’t have to wander around like a lost jackass for a minute! Remember to like, if you did of course, and subscribe for more videos uploaded daily!

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The Witcher 3: Gwent Games

Here is my playlist of Gwent games from the beginning to eventually the end, every NPC i encounter that has a name.

I will be throwing more games in the playlist as i progress.. hate playlists?

Visit Xempt Games @

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The Witcher 3: Novigrad Gwent Matches 7 (The Dead Mage Guy)

While strolling through the streets of Novigrad, I came across a shop that was selling the keys to unlock a dead Mage’s treasure! Naturally I challenged him to game of Gwent because, well, Gwent! Remember to like, if you did of course, and subscribe for more videos uploaded daily!

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The Witcher 3: I dupe Roach and Why are those Drowners so polite?

One of my favorite things about The Witcher 3 is Geralt’s trusty steed, Roach. Now that’s not to say Roach doesn’t have problems. For instance, like most horses, Roach suffers from self replication disorder, a surprisingly common disease among the horse community. Also, why the hell are those Drowners so damn polite!? Don’t forget to like if you did and subscribe for more W3 videos and much more!

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Writing Fuel

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On Gods and Demons

Not much is known about the Gods origins, only that they made themselves known once humanity had matured and began to seek guidance within the stars. Some clerics and shamans have suggested that the beings were given creation because of the faith humanity bestowed upon them and that they exist in actuality because of humanity, and not the other way around. These teachings and hypothesis generally took place exclusively in private sittings with trusted friends, as they were considered heresy by the established religions. The churches and tribal leaders all taught that it was only through the grace of the Gods that humanity was able to continue to draw breath. Now though the Gods were numerous for a time and had many followers to each of them, it was the Goddess Ahrin who would most captivate the hearts of brave and honorable men, and would eventually save all of us.

Ahrin was the daughter of the ancient God Tryst and his wife Lillian, who was said to hold more beauty than the entire earth and night sky combined. Tryst was the God associated with Justice and was paid tribute in the form of disgraced men’s blood. Murderers and rapists were especially favored, but the blood of men who had selfishly destroyed innocence in a pure heart, was an exceptional delicacy to this unforgiving God. Lillian was recognized as the Goddess of honest love. It was taught by her daughters, as her followers called themselves, that when you honestly love someone it is a selfless thing and that when such a union is struck, Lillian blesses the couple with a new star that will shine eternally in the night sky as a reminder of their miraculous union. So these were the roots that the Goddess Ahrin would grow from. Justice and Love. Ahrin would make both hers and combine them into something so beautiful, that the hidden darkness would long for nothing more than to rip it apart, piece by piece.

“For as long as the Gods have guarded us and loved us, the Demons have hated us and sought to destroy us” – Tyrien, the Blind

Ahrin learned much from her parents. From her father Tryst she learned that for every crime, there must be a fitting punishment, but also she learned forgiveness from her mother and recognized the weakness in humanity. She taught the concept of redemption to her shamans and showed them that a man once thought devoid of goodness could in turn become one of her most faithful. Tyrien was such an example, but his story will be recounted later. Once Ahrin had fully matured into a Goddess herself and had been established in the hearts of mankind, something happened that changed the face of the earth forever. The Demons crawled from their hidden space and waged a war upon the heavens and the Gods that occupied them.

“The sky was crimson on that day and every good man and woman felt their hearts shudder in their chests. Then all that could be heard were the warcries of the Fallen, as they swept like a violent ocean upon our cities” – Tyrien, the Blind

It was taught by all religions and tribes that Demons were given life by the darkness that lies in every human heart. Humanity had proven, even in it’s short life, that it was capable of horrendous acts. It was said that whenever these vile acts would take place, the earth would soak up the darkness and bury it deep below to try and keep it from the innocent. In this act the earth unintentionally created the very thing that would eternally seek to destroy it, the Demons. There they would lie in wait, growing ever stronger as the years passed and the atrocities continued to add up. They would reach out above them and slowly twist the hearts of weak and evil men, building an army with which to destroy that which they hated most, light, love and justice. Finally the time came when the cunning beasts had set all of their pieces upon the board, and declared themselves to the world. They were numerous and heavily armed but the Gods fought with endless bravery, and the weight of their creation gave them purpose, which they violently and valiantly defended. The Demons army attacked the Gods Temples and Shrines on the earth while they simultaneously assaulted the heavens, the fear and panic this inspired in the Gods followers was felt by them, so much sadness can be distracting. The Gods slowly began to fall one by one. Tryst, seeing the tide of battle begin to shift against them, told Ahrin she must flee. She must hide somewhere safe and stay alive at all costs. He warned her that if all the Gods should fall then the earth would turn barren, and follow them all into oblivion. Lillian begged her protesting daughter to please heed the command of her father, for if she also were to die that day then all of the lives taken would mean nothing. Ahrin did as her parents bid and fled, but not before a particularly ugly Demon had seen her and had immediately hated her for her beauty and grace. This Demon was made of the most ugly and hateful actions of humanity, because they had all been premeditated. Lunifex was his taken name, meaning cunning in the demonic tongue, and he felt a hatred for Ahrin so strong that he gave chase and left the battle. This would prove to save his life that day. Tryst and Lillian fought together as one. They blurred together and everywhere they moved,  demonic limbs could be seen flying. Tryst favored a long Katana shaped blade, while his wife Lillian used two daggers that extended above and below the handle. So deadly was their dance that it even began to appear the day may still be won. Alas the Demons blades were drenched in a thick black poison that had finally began to work it’s way into the Gods unwavering strength. The Gods fell until only Tryst and Lillian remained alive, but even their guards were dipping and they knew it was simply a matter of time until they too were slain. They then did something that gave humanity and their daughter, the chance that they needed. Setting his sword to his chest, Tryst spoke the last words he would ever be able to form. “Our lives for theirs, let all here become one”, afterwards he and his precious love, Lillian, put blade to heart and all went silent in the heavens. All went still.

“And so began the war between our fair Goddess and the vile Lunifex, last of the Demons, by the love and sacrifice of great Tryst, and his beloved Lillian” – Tyrien, the Blind

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When I need to Remember

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