Harley Quinn’s Story Pack, A.K.A. (Buy our DLC)

25 Jun

I had heard that the preorder bonus on the Playstation 4 for Arkham Knight was going to be Harley Quinn as a playable character in her very own story pack. Needless to say I got incredibly excited and jumped all over that deal in a New York minute, only to have balls of blue once completing it these months later. The whole “Story Pack” took me less than 25 mins to beat from start to finish, and I understand that since I have played all the Arkham games I have a jump on the controls and combat, however less than 25 mins of content sucks. What made it even worse is that, as you can tell from my reactions in this video, I was in love with Harley Quinn’s combat style after the first little brawl. Her Psychosis mode was beautiful and gave the game world such an amazing makeover with her thoughts splayed across every surface that it quite literally made me erect! I just felt so disappointed at the end when I realized what this actually was. A premature grab at my wallet by showing me how awesome the DLCs will be when they become available. I just wish they would have given me a little bit more to maybe show me that the DLC will actually be worth it, instead of just another possible 25 mins of really fun gameplay that only left me wanting more and incredibly pissed off that I would have to pay for it!

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