Arkham Knight: Bank Robbery Blues

27 Jun


So I finally ran into Harvey Two-Face’s thugs last night and it turned into a frustrating nightmare once I went to the second bank. I love the new mechanic they added with the money bar, watching the criminals make off with the money added a sense of urgency that kicked me completely out of my comfort zone. I had been complaining in earlier missions that it was too easy for it being on hard but last night showed me that Rocksteady is not afraid to amp up the difficulty at all. I also remembered the video game I was referring to in part 2, it was The Adventures of Batman and Robin, and was based on the Batman Animated series that was equally as awesome as the game.It’s got me extremely excited for the boss fight with Harvey Two-Face, as everything I have heard has led me to believe it will be a Batmobile style fight, much like it was in one of my favorite childhood games.

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