Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn & The Jokers

06 Jul


This is the showdown with the individuals, who like Batman, got the Joker’s blood concoction introduced into their bloodstream, during or shortly after the events of Arkham City. During this mission you also face down Harley Quinn and Batman has several intense hallucinations involving the Joker and the second Robin, Jason Todd. You also get to play with the current Robin, Tim Drake, in a series of incredibly fun combat and predator encounters. This was my favorite portion of this game next to the ending and I’ve only held off uploading it till now to avoid spoiling anyone’s experience. But I figure it’s been out for almost a month now so if you haven’t played it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, do not watch this. Hope you all enjoy and as always thanks for watching.FP3519-ARKHAM-KNIGHT-harley-quinn


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