The Witcher 3: “Hard Times” Quest (Bugged Dafuq)!

21 Jul

While touring the absolutely gorgeous Skellige countryside, I happened to come across a Cyclops who was protecting a downed wagon. Upon dispatching this one-eyed punk like the garbage he was, I was given a quest called Hard TImes, and was prompted to search the wagon and surrounding area. After using my superb Witcher senses to track down the corpse of a poor woman who had fled on foot, I found a letter and was then told to return said letter to the Blacksmith at Clan An Craite’s castle. Once I had reached said Blacksmith the bugs came flying out of the woodwork. It would not let me speak to him to turn in the quest or the letter or even to browse his wares. After some searching online, I found a thread on steam about this same problem and after reading several replies found a suggestion that looked legit. It said to simply meditate until the blacksmith was hammering at his anvil and it should allow you to speak to him and turn in the quest. I almost had it too, but will let the video show you the rest. Hope you enjoy and as always thanks for watching!

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Posted by on July 21, 2015 in Video Games


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