Bungie says F%#@ You for Playing Destiny

13 Oct

So here it is, the reason that I am absolutely done with Bungie and Activision’s bullshit. I won’t be buying TTK or any other upcoming bullshit expansion for Destiny. They have given me zero reasons to continue playing this game. I am not a chump and therefore I will never pay 150$ for something someone else can get for 60$ because they waited a year for a full fucking game. Everything about the way that Bungie and Activision, or just simply Bungievision, has handled their fan base is absolutely disgusting. I have personally never seen anything like this in all my years playing video games. Never has a company conducted themselves in such a manner as punishing their day one players for supporting the game. Fuck Destiny. Fuck Bungie. Fuck Activision. Thanks for watching and as always thanks for the support! All gameplay videos included in this rant were played and recorded by yours truly.

BDobbinsFTW Youtube channel for the truth about Destiny:

BDobbinsFTW on Martin O’Donnell Lawsuit against Bungie:

BDobbinsFTW on Dark Below and HoW:

BDobbinsFTW on TTK and Luke Smith’s bullshit:

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