Rise of The Tomb Raider A.K.A. Lara Croft’s Big Head

22 Oct

Rise of The Tomb Raider drops on Xbox One on November 10th and with it comes 300 microtransactions in the form of expedition cards. You will be able to buy these with a currency that can be earned in game. These are just the dumbest kind of microtransactions in games and I personally feel like they are more geared towards kids, as I hope real gamers will be smart enough not to spend their hard earned money on a game that already costs 60$, or 90$ if you decide to by the Season Pass. I feel like we are going to be seeing these damn microtransactions pop up in all Triple A games. They don’t need the money guys. They are doing this because, as sad as it is, they know they are going to make a shitload of bonus cash off of people, not because they need to make more money off of their game. They see how successful these microtransactions have been in free to play games and within mobile gaming and see an opportunity to cash in on it as well. There is really only one way that we can fight this sort of shit and that is to simply not buy them. Sadly, however, I feel like even if a lot of us stand up to this kind of bullshit and deny them more of our cash, there will be plenty of people that do not fight it and instead sink extra money into this bullshit. I love you guys, hope you got some information and entertainment from this video. Keep being awesome everyone and as always stay smart.

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