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Truth in Color

Thoughts of violence and passive apathy clash like titans in a world drowned in silence. Metaphors get tied up in riddles so that none may discern the truth. For if the soul is shred open and the truth finally escapes, would it not be bathed in the myths of the ages? Would there indeed be no chivalrous Knight charging his way towards glory? If you would only take the time to speak to the ashes of yesterday and allowed the lessons to break through prideful walls and exemplary business models, well you might just find your mind swimming with the possibilities. Can you not hear the wind? It calls for you.

When the reward for some is the devil to others and when the world has come full turn. Will the snow melt away to reveal the spring or will the cold never flee? Will the sun shine on in silent judgement and watch as we drift into black? Will it ever have a chance to bear witness to our end or will this disease of hate send us spinning much sooner? Questions asked before the end only ever bring the pain of knowledge. Madman or not the end result is the same and ashes will be ashes and dust will of course be dust and the world will exist only so long as you can conceive it. Can you not hear the wind? It calls for you my friend.

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Fallout 4’s 1.3 Update Fixes Desdemona Bug In BETA!?!

This is just insulting to Fallout and Bethesda fans everywhere. I’m sorry man but if you are still fixing your game 3 months after the release then that thing probably should not have been released in the first place. This is a slap in the face to anyone who purchased Fallout 4 on release and played it while it was still clearly unfinished. Why they would even pull a move like this is beyond me but if we look to the past we see a trend with Bethesda releases and it isn’t a pretty one. I feel like the other games were easier to forgive because they just oozed heart and soul in every second of gameplay. Sadly Fallout 4 just oozes mediocrity and monotony. The quests start to blur into a constant “go here” and ‘kill that” grind machine that makes you question more than once why you are even having to do this again? I mean I already killed this one raider. I know it was this one raider because he looked the exact same way the last four times I killed him. Why is he still a threat to my settlers? Bleh. Beta updates for a game that has been out for three months. GG Bethesda. Keep counting that cash as I am sure there is no shortage of it.

Thanks to TonyTough for linking me these patch notes:

Underground Undercover Bug Rant:

Rockets’ Red Glare Bug Rant:


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Destiny Matches Year One DLC With Timed Valentine Mockery The Crimson Days

Forbes article by Paul Feuxhawkerson

Bungie Weekly Update–01212016/en/News/News?aid=14271

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             I recall the warmth and knowledge gained. Past reflections of a different man cast upon starlit lakes and foggy shores. He was so happy. Smiles found his face because they wanted to be there, not because they were forced. Was it the murder scene or the eyes of a fading light? Was it true love’s embrace or it’s biting daggers? Unimportant questions cast at a vast and endless universe. Simple emotions like love and betrayal matter not at all when compared to the birth and death of a million celestial bodies. Not enough time. Never enough time.

              Walking naked and free. Hand in hand and the moon is lighting your face in such a way that I forget to breathe for more than a few moments. I wonder if I had died instead, if heaven would have felt as divine. Maybe I did die and your pale lips were the first taste of a never-ending fall. Is this penance cruel or deserved? If I’m a liar then they’re all thieves. And if I’m a thief then they’re all goddamn whores. The writing on the wall scrolls past and it reads like an epitaph for the damned and all the while I’m shaking and curled in the corner of the dream just whispering to God or whoever the fuck… please… please let it be home. Please let it feel like home and please let it smell like her hair in the morning. Let it be warm. Let it be free of static and spirit raping fiends but most importantly just let it be real.

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Shadow of Yharnam Boss Lore “Theory”

Hey everyone this is a boss lore theory I have been cooking up since I began the Old Hunters dlc. Remember that this is almost entirely speculation but I try my best to back up that speculation with item descriptions that can be found in game. I hope you all enjoyed my first attempt at a lore video and as always thanks for watching you badass beautiful bastards!

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Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC Critique & Review

Here’s a video of me rambling and trailing into Bloodborne. I just want to reiterate here that Bloodborne would absolutely be my game of the year over The Witcher 3 if it was not exclusive. I feel like games should be able to be played by everyone who wants to play them, not everyone who has the extra money to buy a second console. Now that said, Bloodborne is absolutely amazing. This game will get your heart pumping faster than some good old fashioned blow, and I should know ;P. Not only is the gameplay incredibly engaging and very entertaining but there’s also the environments and the story. Miyazaki has delivered a tale that is very obviously inspired by Lovecraft and yet incredibly unique and different in it’s own right. The deeper you dig into this incredibly dark world the creepier and deadlier things get. The soundtrack also deserves mentioning as it can be just as deadly as bosses in certain areas of the game. The Hypogean Gaol especially comes to mind, with that dark choir singing words I don’t know with an organ pounding out very dark and gothic notes, all the while some crazy witch has just grabbed my character from behind and is slicing the poor bastards throat clean open. Very surreal experience and that music can work it’s way under your skin and leave you vulnerable for just a split second and as we all know, in Bloodborne, a split second is all the time most of these enemies need in order to absolutely destroy you. I love you guys, thanks for listening and for watching and as always I hope you all got some entertainment and maybe even caught a smile or two.

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Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Gaming?

Hey everyone, this is a quick video I wanted to make just expressing my opinions on the lineup of new VR tech we have coming out in 2016. Part of me really hopes that these work out and that I actually get a chance to play one of these babies but the other part of me simply refuses to spend the amount of money required to get one. Hope you guys enjoyed this ramble and let me know your thoughts on VR below. Love as always you cute pricks, Jaxxsin

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