Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC Critique & Review

14 Jan

Here’s a video of me rambling and trailing into Bloodborne. I just want to reiterate here that Bloodborne would absolutely be my game of the year over The Witcher 3 if it was not exclusive. I feel like games should be able to be played by everyone who wants to play them, not everyone who has the extra money to buy a second console. Now that said, Bloodborne is absolutely amazing. This game will get your heart pumping faster than some good old fashioned blow, and I should know ;P. Not only is the gameplay incredibly engaging and very entertaining but there’s also the environments and the story. Miyazaki has delivered a tale that is very obviously inspired by Lovecraft and yet incredibly unique and different in it’s own right. The deeper you dig into this incredibly dark world the creepier and deadlier things get. The soundtrack also deserves mentioning as it can be just as deadly as bosses in certain areas of the game. The Hypogean Gaol especially comes to mind, with that dark choir singing words I don’t know with an organ pounding out very dark and gothic notes, all the while some crazy witch has just grabbed my character from behind and is slicing the poor bastards throat clean open. Very surreal experience and that music can work it’s way under your skin and leave you vulnerable for just a split second and as we all know, in Bloodborne, a split second is all the time most of these enemies need in order to absolutely destroy you. I love you guys, thanks for listening and for watching and as always I hope you all got some entertainment and maybe even caught a smile or two.

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