Fallout 4’s 1.3 Update Fixes Desdemona Bug In BETA!?!

27 Jan

This is just insulting to Fallout and Bethesda fans everywhere. I’m sorry man but if you are still fixing your game 3 months after the release then that thing probably should not have been released in the first place. This is a slap in the face to anyone who purchased Fallout 4 on release and played it while it was still clearly unfinished. Why they would even pull a move like this is beyond me but if we look to the past we see a trend with Bethesda releases and it isn’t a pretty one. I feel like the other games were easier to forgive because they just oozed heart and soul in every second of gameplay. Sadly Fallout 4 just oozes mediocrity and monotony. The quests start to blur into a constant “go here” and ‘kill that” grind machine that makes you question more than once why you are even having to do this again? I mean I already killed this one raider. I know it was this one raider because he looked the exact same way the last four times I killed him. Why is he still a threat to my settlers? Bleh. Beta updates for a game that has been out for three months. GG Bethesda. Keep counting that cash as I am sure there is no shortage of it.

Thanks to TonyTough for linking me these patch notes:

Underground Undercover Bug Rant:

Rockets’ Red Glare Bug Rant:


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