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Far Cry Primal Critique & Review

Hey everyone here is my critique and review of Far Cry Primal. This game was excellent in my opinion and I was very grateful to be able to play my brother’s copy for free. I feel like after having played it I would have rethought my decision to buy it on release and would have to say that it is indeed worth the price of admission to get a peek into this awesome world! Hope you all enjoyed and as always I love you all more than peach cobbler!

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Did you know the Udam from Far Cry Primal are also the Wendel from The 13th Warrior?

Hey everyone, this is just a really cool discovery that I came across while playing the new Far Cry Primal. I am in love with this game so far and have enjoyed absolutely every second of it. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed and let me know below what you think of Primal and the vid. Love, Jaxxsin

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Dying Light The Following DLC Critique & Review

So I had several friends tell me repeatedly that I needed to pick up Dying Light. I kept my eye on it but I was hesitant to pay full price for it. The second they had it on sale for 30$ though, I jumped all over that bitch like a dog in heat and couldn’t be happier with the decision. About halfway through the game my buddy Tyler dropped in for some invasions and that was the first I had heard about The Following DLC. My friend spoke about this thing like it was going to be the second coming and I listened getting more and more hyped as we repeatedly smashed invaders faces for the better part of two hours. He told me it was supposed to be just as big as the base game and that they were adding a vehicle and all sorts of new zombies to fight. I have already said previously that I usually won’t buy DLCs. I feel like more often then not they just leave me feeling hoodwinked as I wonder at the reason this couldn’t have just been there the first time I played this game? After hearing my buddy who feels much the same way carry on about these guys over at Techland I was sold! I bought The Following DLC and stand by the decision like a saint watching over the pearly gates. Techland and WB have set an entirely new standard in my mind on what I should expect from DLCs for the price of my coin. In a world of map packs and emotes, these guys have the balls to say fuck that! Give them a map equal in size and scope as the base version of the game! Give them brand new story quests and a slew of new side quests with unique brand new dialogue! Give them a buggie to mow down as many zombies as they fucking please and make a skill tree with incredibly unique and thought out abilities for that buggie! Give them bounties and daily bounties! Most importantly, give them the ability to do all of this with 3 friends! Well played Techland. You got me extremely interested in anything you have coming in the future. Love as always ya fucks, Jaxxsin

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Will The Division “BETA” Help Sell Copies of Tom Clancy’s The Division?

So I found myself very busy this weekend but still found a few hours to check out the Division BETA. I honestly just found myself mostly bored with the whole experience. Though I must admit the scenery looked really good and it set the scene of New York splendidly, I found myself getting bored of seeing it and wishing there was more to do. The Dark Zone is another story entirely however and I could see how that area could turn into a mass of chaos and mayhem very easily. This PVP area seems to be where the action is in The Division, at least this is the impression left by the BETA, but the PVE is where you have to level to unlock new skills and abilities. The PVE was very mediocre in this BETA and felt like if you had to complete an entire story mode of just that you very might lose your mind. This is of course subject to change since it is being labeled a BETA, but this straight up just felt like more of a game demo than anything. I mean they had the option to preorder the game jump up in the base menus for crying out loud! Anyway I didn’t get sold by The Division “BETA”, but then again this isn’t really my favorite type of gameplay to begin with so who am I to judge? Let me know what you guys thought if you’re still reading this and give a shit and as always remember that this guy fucking loves you very much! Good day ladies and sirs, may we next meet on a distant horizon of epic proportions!

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Ninteen Summers

               The clearing is beautiful and the perfect place for a camping trip. Alcohol and a lack of self control pave the way inside the fractured mind and isolation seems the safest course as it always does. The sky is clear and the stars are the second brightest ever seen, the moon is crescent and seems a sliver of a thing just barely peeking out. There’s a slight breeze flowing and the world is perfect except for one thing. A half soul is not much of a price and even the devil would need to be hard pressed to take the deal. Something seems to be missing from the moment and the grave calls just a little louder than yesterday, promising peace yet only ever promoting fear.


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Fallout 4 & Bethesda Win Game of the Year at 2016 DICE Awards Over The Witcher 3?!?

So Fallout 4 has taken the Game of the Year award at the annual DICE dog and pony show. I can only assume that these individuals did not play any other game than Fallout 4 because that is the only way that it could have won over the other nominees. I could go on and on about the many issues plaguing the base version of FO4 but I have already covered these things extensively and am frankly sick of fucking talking about them. Instead I will only say this as the basis for my argument. Fallout 4 has more than one main story missions that can break to the point where they cannot be turned in. The other nominees on the list DO NOT have any main story missions that are broken. Fallout 4 is a good game that is greater than most, but it is NOT GOTY good. Not even fucking close.

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Hypocrisy in Modern Gaming News & Examples on Double Standards

Hey everyone this is a topic that I have been kicking around in my head for a minute now. I feel like there is a overall hypocrisy taking place within the industry and they are doing their best to spin this in such a way that they are able to still garner support from the very same community that they continually lie too. I’m sorry but I am sick of seeing the many double standards that take place with the marketing and even reviewing of games and gaming related news. Hope you all enjoy my rambling ass and got some entertainment. Love, Jaxxsin

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