Where Fallout 4 & Bethesda Failed, From Developer to Publisher

02 Feb

Fallout 4’s 1.3 Update is now live on the PC and is expected to hit the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime this week. So it’s three months later and I finally find myself in a position where I can probably, maybe, beat The Railroad ending. The only ending I wanted by the way. The only problem is that there is a second game breaking bug that exists within the very next quest after Underground Undercover, the quest Rockets’ Red Glare and IS NOT addressed whatsoever in this update. So is it worth it to me to try for a third time to complete The Railroad ending with the chance that I will run into yet another wall involving Desdemona? Well I will just let the video answer that question. Remember that this is almost entirely opinion and it is not my intention, nor has it ever been, to disparage a game that someone else may love. My intention here is to simply tell my story and give my opinion on why I think Fallout 4 has been handled poorly by Bethesda. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and as always were entertained throughout my ramblings. Love as always you cute pricks, Jaxxsin

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