Psyonix & Rocket League Show Love With FREE Content

16 Feb

Rocket League and Psyonix are in a League all their own. They continually prove this time and time again with content that include maps and entirely new game modes that are 100% free. This game is only 20$ and is now available on across all platforms. If you don’t already own this game and you enjoy competitive multiplayer or even just racing games in general then I suggest you pick this thing up man. The value for your dollar is never gonna be higher as you will continually receive free content and get to play with an incredibly nice and accepting community of people. Seriously I can’t count the matches I have had with just awesome people that are very forgiving and give out cheers with the best of them. I just wanted to say one last time that I want to send my love to Psyonix and Rocket League, this is a game and publisher/developer that just keep giving and giving and asking next to nothing in return, or in my case absolutely nothing in return. Hope you all enjoy the video and as always thanks for watching you gorgeous bunch of bastards you! Love, Jaxxsin

Royalty free music provided by Argofox…

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Posted by on February 16, 2016 in Video Games


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