Dying Light The Following DLC Critique & Review

22 Feb

So I had several friends tell me repeatedly that I needed to pick up Dying Light. I kept my eye on it but I was hesitant to pay full price for it. The second they had it on sale for 30$ though, I jumped all over that bitch like a dog in heat and couldn’t be happier with the decision. About halfway through the game my buddy Tyler dropped in for some invasions and that was the first I had heard about The Following DLC. My friend spoke about this thing like it was going to be the second coming and I listened getting more and more hyped as we repeatedly smashed invaders faces for the better part of two hours. He told me it was supposed to be just as big as the base game and that they were adding a vehicle and all sorts of new zombies to fight. I have already said previously that I usually won’t buy DLCs. I feel like more often then not they just leave me feeling hoodwinked as I wonder at the reason this couldn’t have just been there the first time I played this game? After hearing my buddy who feels much the same way carry on about these guys over at Techland I was sold! I bought The Following DLC and stand by the decision like a saint watching over the pearly gates. Techland and WB have set an entirely new standard in my mind on what I should expect from DLCs for the price of my coin. In a world of map packs and emotes, these guys have the balls to say fuck that! Give them a map equal in size and scope as the base version of the game! Give them brand new story quests and a slew of new side quests with unique brand new dialogue! Give them a buggie to mow down as many zombies as they fucking please and make a skill tree with incredibly unique and thought out abilities for that buggie! Give them bounties and daily bounties! Most importantly, give them the ability to do all of this with 3 friends! Well played Techland. You got me extremely interested in anything you have coming in the future. Love as always ya fucks, Jaxxsin

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