Boxing With Demons

10 Apr

               We were young and free so we did as we pleased and danced the night away. The world morphed and changed as the crimson explained a truth burdened with fear. The collapse of the past and the collision of the future expand like a solar flare. I’m so disconnected and it makes me sick because I just can’t grip the goddamn give a shit. Wooden benches that stuck the back and lessons that bled into the seems. I met the ponder with faith as one and felt the damage caused. I bled the damage caused. I burned the damage caused. In flames it went and in return to char as the skin would bubble and pop.  I’m so disconnected and it makes me sick because I feel to well at home.

               It’s in the eyes, the wise would say if only ignorance had spared their tongues. A breath and a wish, a moment of bliss and it’s always better in the eyes. Truth be told fortune rarely favors the bold but instead tends to mask the dead. For in truth there are lies and with a magicians disguise there is no telling what can be done. For though the bridge has burnt away at least the ashes will eternally remain. The scorched earth reveals the pain of love impaled upon a jesters knife. So split the hairs and locate a smile because to forsake it would be the ultimate crime. The moon reflects naught but the sun and so does your light hit even the streets you walk. If darkness encroaches, well simply smile as it approaches and watch the shadows flee. It always seemed to work for me. Love, Jaxxsin

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Posted by on April 10, 2016 in Paradise Drift



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