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Polygon Sucks at Doom & Accurate Doom Gameplay

I was gonna link Polygon’s video but fuckum. They don’t need help getting views. Instead just watch Karak’s video, he’s got their shitty gameplay in picture in picture anyway.

Hey everyone, these are my thoughts on Polygon’s horrible Doom gameplay and also some of my own gameplay from Doom. Hope you all enjoyed and as always stay sexy you smexy sumbeetches! Love, Jaxxsin

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Mobile Game Dev Thinks Battleborn is PERFECT!

I just want to state yet again that I have no problem with people who enjoy mobile games. I don’t view them as less than me or some sort of “casul” at all. I apologize if anyone took my insults directed at this asshole as personal, I promise that was not my intention and I was just incredibly heated about this particular dickbag. Hope you all enjoyed and got some entertainment, till next time keep being awesome you pack of sexy bastids! Love, Jaxxsin David

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How Free Content & Updates Are Hurting Video Games

Hey everyone, these are just my thoughts on free content and free updates in video games. I feel like this spaced content can be both a good thing and also a horrible thing, depending on the situation. Either way I feel like if any of the time I have spent on this earth has taught me anything it’s that greed shall always prevail and there are far more bad examples of this than good. Hope you all enjoy and as always keep being excellent to each other dudes!

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Battleborn Character Mastery, When Grinding Becomes Painful

Hey everyone, so after finally achieving Character Mastery on Mellka in Battleborn, I looked at the amount of time spent on her and it made my head spin. I started to think what if it takes me upwards of 23 hours to master every character in the game? This sort of grind is the kind that pushes players away from your game in my opinion. Add to that the amount of time it takes just to purchase a gear pack, that odds are will be full of useless crap, and your looking at the perfect example of when grinding goes from fun to absolutely painful. It may not be so bad if there were more than 14 total maps in the fucking game, but as it stands something needs to change. Sadly I am less than hopeful for Gearbox to do the right thing and retool the grind in their game. If they don’t, well they are going to see one hell of a drop off on their servers and people will more than likely encourage friends to wait and pick Battleborn up when it is actually worth it. I know I am. Hope you all enjoyed and keep kickin ass out there ya’ll sexy muffukkas! Love, Jaxxsin

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Battleborn Story Mode Skimp & Matchmaking FAIL!

Sigh. I don’t even know what to say. This is shitty especially because I have been so goddamned excited for this game from Gearbox. And to be fair in a lot of ways Battleborn still satisfies and is a very strong and entertaining game. The story mode however is not one of these places. I don’t know, maybe if the prologue hadn’t been so awesome. I mean in several places you could only advance with Mellka’s Venom Spike ability and the hint on the screen said “use your character’s abilities to reach higher ground”. My mind immediately jumped to the possibilities for the other characters that I had previously played in the Beta, Benedict foremost among them. I began to imagine some crazy platforming that would utilize his double jump and glide abilities in order for the player to reach the end. Then I finished the prologue and was faced with only 8 possible missions. Only 8 when there are more than 20 characters. What the fuck? It wasn’t until mission 7 till I finally gave up. The grind of defending points and killing wave after wave of stupid and glitchy AI had gotten the better of me. I was done. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed the rant and as always thanks for watching you glorious badasses!

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Risk of Rain Critique & Review

Hey everyone, this is my critique and review of Risk of Rain. This game was amazing and I have got to say that at 10$ this just feels like a classic great deal. It is well worth the price as the variety in this game never seems to end, with 12 playable classes and well over a 100 items at your disposal, variety seems to be a very good word indeed. Thanks for watching everyone, I fucking love you! Jaxxsin

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