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F*** Warner Bro’s & Channel Update (RANT)


Hey everyone, this is a video I wanted to throw together to vent my frustration about the Warner Bro’s and their BULLSHIT copyright claim on my video about the current state of the DC cinematic universe. Sorry for the anger but it was just a really shitty day. Love, Jaxxsin

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Chillin’ like…


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Overwatch & Activision Are Killing Triple A Gaming (Script & Video)

First and foremost it should be mentioned right away that if you are here to see Overwatch footage of any kind, you’re surely in for some disappointment. I won’t be showing any Overwatch footage for the simple reason that I do not own this game. I did not buy it and stand fast in that decision. I will not support a game financially that is in my view a complete backward step in triple A gaming. In today’s video I am going to lay out an argument that may cost me several subscribers but I just can’t stay quiet when things are happening that are ruining the games that I play. I apologize if you are someone who takes this stance that I have put myself in personally, but at the same time… I honestly could really give a shit.

I have several problems with Overwatch so let’s just start at the top shall we? First and foremost it is boring. Overwatch is boring. When I think of the minds behind something as brilliant and nuanced as Warcraft 3 dipping this low… well it’s just disheartening man. It bums me out even more than what I saw in Hearthstone or even Heroes of the Storm. As someone who has enjoyed MOBAs for several years and has played a wide variety of them, Overwatch couldn’t appear more drab and plain if it absolutely tried. The strategy involved in games such as Smite and even Battleborn though to a lesser degree, makes Overwatch seem like CoD had sex with a mobile game app, then, as if by some form of demonic magic, three wayed in all the characters from League of Legends for some weird freakish carnival act… that I admittedly would definitely pay many American dollars to see. The time I spent playing the Overwatch “Beta” did only one thing. Heighten my desire to see Battleborn released. Oh what a naive asshole was I? See and where Battleborn lacked sufficient content and had even the content it offered built behind the meanest and highest grind wall made of RNG, that I personally have ever encountered, at least it didn’t have release content buried behind a fucking pay wall.

So up to this point you could defend Overwatch with a few pretty simple arguments so I’m just going to hit the brakes and make them for you. First, it is most definitely only my own personal opinion that Overwatch is boring and I understand that to someone who hasn’t played a game like Battleborn or Smite or even LoL, Overwatch could appear a step up from the blur of most shoot to kill games that are released nowadays. You are allowed to enjoy the gameplay and I am allowed to despise it. Now onto the inevitable defense of the micro transactions that SHIPPED WITH THE GAME. I understand that they are merely cosmetic in nature and do not in any way affect the actual gameplay. I also understand that they work in the same manner as the Supply Drops in ACTIVISION’S other colossal beast of a bitch, Black Ops 3. I don’t care if you can earn this currency organically within the game or not. If I pay 60 dollars for a game then I expect that game’s content to be immediately available to me or at the very least locked behind the same amount of gameplay as the guy right next to me who bought it too. See because that’s where we get into the REAL problem with micro transactions as a whole. They are of course going to be built in a way to incentivize the customer to buy them. RNG is offered up as the Holy Grail of excuses for this system. It’s like oh you didn’t get anything out of 8 hours of gameplay, that’s just bad luck. It turns this whole game into a casino and I am not in VEGAS! I am sitting on the couch in my T.V. room expecting to play some goddamn video games. What I got was a slot reward program. Lucky me. I can’t believe that I have lived long enough to say that Destiny’s release now seems like a loaded up cheeseburger on Thanksgiving, sure it’s not Turkey, but at least it’s not fish.

Activision’s goals are set in stone and the clay long ago stopped drying. This is a company with a clear agenda in order and they will not stop until every title that they release has more pay and RNG walls than any free to play game, that you can easily find like fucking anywhere at this point. Yet for some reason gamers continually fork over their hard-earned money to this company, not only in the way of actual game sales, but then also in the form of some bullshit made up currency, to roll some bullshit made up slot machine, so that your bullshit made up character… looks slightly different from someone else’s. It’s a sad day when the Blizzard I grew up with could be reduced to this.

Alright, now I’m talking to you. The person still listening. You are the solution. When games like Overwatch come along and make all of the money, it sets a very bad precedent for other Publishers to follow. Make no mistake, at this point in the game there is only one thing that is the driving force behind most of the games that we love and are looking forward too, and that’s money. So if a game like Overwatch can come out that is bare bones content and has a reward system buried behind a slot machine reward program and still make a ton of money, well there’s no reason not to expect a similar reworking elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks for watching everyone. This was actually the first scripted video I have made for my channel and I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you wouldn’t mind showing me some support and hitting the like button that’d be awesome and if you’re new to my channel then why not sniff around, see if you like what you find and hit that subscribe button. Love you guys. That’s Jaxxsin and I’m out of here.


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Just Like Butterflies

               They hover around you for the taking. Like buzzing little bees. No. More like butterflies. You collect them like a child does baseball cards or even fucking comic books. Their strikingly beautiful colors dazzle you and entertain that inner longing for something new. Something beautiful and something strange. They’re bottled and put on display, wings half heartedly flutter against the immovable lid of your compassion, then finally give in and the little creatures tumble down. It’s the wings that so captivate you. The various colors and intriguing patterns keep you dazed and entertained for as long as it takes to look to the jar on your right.

             …..and as I stared into the neon lights I felt the magic of the night. I felt the drift and embraced the pull. Alone and stoned and walking aimlessly, drifting and grifting through alleys and souls. Gift the world and I’d ask for a receipt and a smile, because one was always infinitely more fucking valuable than the other. Then in the end it didn’t matter because chains of loyalty are just that, correct?

              Cotton balls and alcohol and a deep peaceful sleep for the collected. They fall light and quiet and feel a weightless extension of the tweezers. Fix into place and stretch wide the wings. Breathe deep and steady the hands as shaking shall bring only harm. Steady now, gently pierce the thorax and pin into place your most curious infatuation. Just like butterflies.

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Warcraft Movie Fan Review (Definite Spoilers)

Hey everyone, this is a video I wanted to make about the Warcraft Movie. My brother and I, who are both big fans of the franchise, felt that the critics had been more than unfair. This is a movie in a world where most heroes are conflicted whiny little bitches, that completely flips that stereotype on it’s head and introduces actual conflict on a spiritual and physical plane that features true heroes. Hope you guys enjoyed and as always let me know in the comments what you felt about the movie. Love, Jaxxsin

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Channel Update & BS Copyright Claim RANT!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick video I wanted to do since I was unable to upload my Warcraft Movie review today. This video is half copyright/YouTube rant and also half channel update for my current and potential subscribers. I hope you all got a kick out of it and as always remember that I fucking love you! Sincerely Jaxxsin

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2016 E3 Ramble On Discussion & Also GJALLARHORN!!!

Hey everyone, this is just a video I wanted to throw together about my thoughts on E3. Hope you all enjoyed and let me know in the comments what your favorites were and who you think had the best presentation. Love, Jaxxsin

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