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No Man’s Sky & Hello Games Under Investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority

So this is good. But it reveals a deeper problem that is not so good. I am tired as shit. Goodnight everyone 😀 Love, Jaxxsin

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Did Sean Murray Intentionally Lie to Us?

“What you find at the center of the universe will make you want to quit playing” Well at least Sean Murray said one thing that was 100 percent accurate when it comes to No Man’s Sky. Hope you all enjoy and stay awesome out there everyone! Love, Jaxxsin

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Channel Update & BS Copyright Claim RANT!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick video I wanted to do since I was unable to upload my Warcraft Movie review today. This video is half copyright/YouTube rant and also half channel update for my current and potential subscribers. I hope you all got a kick out of it and as always remember that I fucking love you! Sincerely Jaxxsin

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Destiny Matches Year One DLC With Timed Valentine Mockery The Crimson Days

Forbes article by Paul Feuxhawkerson

Bungie Weekly Update–01212016/en/News/News?aid=14271

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Sold in PIECES!

So it was revealed today that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be cut into parts so that the developers don’t “summarize” any parts of the story. CoughbullshitCough. We all know that this is just a brilliant way of capitalizing on their fanbase’s nostalgia and fucking them out of more money. I’m so sick of this shit that it makes me want to say fuck games and start knitting or some shit. I know that this move will just get defended using the standard defense of “well everybody pulls this kind of move nowadays, why should Square be any different”? Because they should. They would have made plenty enough money off of this game at 60$ a copy and everyone knows it, but that wasn’t good enough obviously as this game, that holds a special place in so many hearts, is now going to cost over 100$ and why? Because at the end of the day they know that they can do it. They can cut this game to pieces and it will still make millions of dollars if not more. What do you guys think? Stay awesome and as always I love you peeps more than Peanut Butter, and I’m a stoner, so that’s saying something!

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Bungie’s Microtransactions #1 On PSN Rant, Destiny Rage Continues!

Bungie’s Silver packages are officially the top selling Add-on in the PlayStation Store. This, of course, makes absolute sense seeing as how these DANCES are well worth 20$ here and there, right? WRONG! If you are spending money on this garbage I feel really sorry for you. I feel sorry that you have to spend money on an in-game dance that should have been free FROM THE GODDAMN JUMP! Wake up people. Videogames are getting murdered and gamers are holding the smoking gun. The simple fact is that microtransactions are just the next logical evolution after Season Passes. They know this and are putting them in steady and slow so that everyone just comes to the same point where they are about Season Passes. “Oh well, all the games do this. It’s not a big deal”. GG on the murder, stepped away from the scene without leaving a single fingerprint.

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Styx Master of RAGE QUIT!! (Review)


So here it is, the moment I said enough with Styx Master of Shadows! I deleted it after this clip and have only thought about going back a couple times, then I just rewatch this bullshit and it reminds me of why I quit in the first place. I was really enjoying it up to this point too, I mean I really liked the way Styx moved and loved the upgrade system. The graphics were good and the voice acting was just cheesy enough to be comical. Now that said let’s get into the nitty gritty of why I said fuck this game. First the map is atrocious. It seriously looked like a 4 year old had drawn it and I could never make heads or tails of where I was or where I was supposed to go, which up to this point had been fine because I hadn’t run across an encounter that I couldn’t bypass, even if I had to search for 10 mins for an alternate route. The sound was aweful. Even with my headset on with full surround sound, I could never tell if the footsteps I could hear were right around the corner or on an entirely different floor. I’m not a stealth game connoisseur, I admit, but I feel like it’s really kind of sorta important I know where the goddamn enemies are. So inevitably I would just wind up poking around till I got caught and that is how I would know where all the enemies were placed and that turned into an issue fairly early on seeing as the load screen takes about 20 seconds to finally get back to gameplay, just so I could poke a little further and find some more enemy placements with my death as the consequence… AND MORE LOAD SCREENS! I couldn’t help but be reminded of Bloodborne’s early load screens before they patched it but believe it or not those damn load times were faster than in Styx! Finally I hated the resource bar. Special skills that were oftentimes needed to complete a mission took up so much amber that if you didn’t happen to have any potions to refill you could maybe go invisible twice, if you had a full resource bar to begin with, and that is if you were lucky. More often than not you would be able to go invisible for a maximum of 5 secs just once and then you were screwed for the rest of the mission. Which brings me back to the issue of the toddler map. If I’m going to only have a 5 second window to bypass a certain encounter well I should be given a little goddamn heads up as to exactly where that is going to take place. I don’t want to have to restart mission after mission just because I used my invisibility too soon and ran out of amber and am therefore fucked later on in the mission. Beyond frustrating. There’s my critique of Styx Master of Shadows. Let me know if you think I was too harsh, not harsh enough or just simply fair in my opinion. Thanks for watching everyone and I hope you got some entertainment out of my Styx melt down! Stay awesome and smart and as always I love you guys!

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