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Horizon: Zero Dawn Critique & Review

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an action adventure rpg from developers Guerrilla Games. In a time where almost every release is either barely functional or shipped with day one dlc and stock microtransactions, or sometimes even both, I find Horizon ZD very refreshing for many reasons. I mean after over 70 hours in this game I have yet to experience a single hardcrash. I had one instance where Aloy got stuck in a wall and was forced to load a previous save but Guerrilla had an update the next day and I haven’t experienced the problem since. Horizon lays out an amazing story that is complimented by the gorgeous world that Guerrilla has created and it is just nice to see a game come out that is both an excellent experience and actually functions the way it was intended to do so. Love, Jaxxsin

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Thoughts On Ashes of Ariandel DLC

Hey everyone, so despite being sick as hell I still got a chance to playthrough the first DLC for Dark Souls 3, Ashes of Ariandel. I enjoyed the hell out of this dlc and it has reinvigorated my interest in the game as well as my brothers and my buddy Rien. We have all been replaying the whole game so it was definitely in my opinion worth the 15$ asking price as it yielded hours and hours of gameplay for all of us. Let me know what you guys thought of the new area and new bosses and whether or not it was worth it to you. Love, Jaxxsin

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Can Infinite Warfare Do Call of Duty Business And Keep Activision Milking Away?

Hey everyone, I found myself thinking about Call of Duty and Infinite Warfare the other night and decided to think out loud. Hope you all enjoy and till next time keep being awesome everyones! Love, Jaxxsin

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No Man’s Sky Critique & Review (PS4)

Hey everyone, this is just my overall thoughts on Hello Games No Man’s Sky. I am still enjoying this game but it is not without its issues and I think it is important to praise where acceptable but be critical as well if appropriate. Anyway hope you all enjoyed and let me know below what your thoughts are on No Man’s Sky. It’s strengths or even it’s weaknesses. Till next time keep exploring infinity 😀 Love, Jaxxsin

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Battleborn Story Mode Skimp & Matchmaking FAIL!

Sigh. I don’t even know what to say. This is shitty especially because I have been so goddamned excited for this game from Gearbox. And to be fair in a lot of ways Battleborn still satisfies and is a very strong and entertaining game. The story mode however is not one of these places. I don’t know, maybe if the prologue hadn’t been so awesome. I mean in several places you could only advance with Mellka’s Venom Spike ability and the hint on the screen said “use your character’s abilities to reach higher ground”. My mind immediately jumped to the possibilities for the other characters that I had previously played in the Beta, Benedict foremost among them. I began to imagine some crazy platforming that would utilize his double jump and glide abilities in order for the player to reach the end. Then I finished the prologue and was faced with only 8 possible missions. Only 8 when there are more than 20 characters. What the fuck? It wasn’t until mission 7 till I finally gave up. The grind of defending points and killing wave after wave of stupid and glitchy AI had gotten the better of me. I was done. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed the rant and as always thanks for watching you glorious badasses!

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Risk of Rain Critique & Review

Hey everyone, this is my critique and review of Risk of Rain. This game was amazing and I have got to say that at 10$ this just feels like a classic great deal. It is well worth the price as the variety in this game never seems to end, with 12 playable classes and well over a 100 items at your disposal, variety seems to be a very good word indeed. Thanks for watching everyone, I fucking love you! Jaxxsin

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Dark Souls 3 Critique & Review

Hey everyone, here’s just a quick video of my critique and review of From Software’s Dark Souls 3. Hope you all enjoy and keep being just as damn sexy as I know you are! Love, Jaxxsin

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