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Guide To All Trials in Horizon Zero Dawn on Hard Difficulty

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So I Had A Drink Or Five

skyYou left me defenseless.
Tore me down,
left me senseless.
losing control.
Losing it,
giving in to this pull.
Let it take me,
drag me down.
All the way,
I love the sound.
I don’t care,
what have I left.
A broken shell,
with nothing but ashes to sift.
all the way down,
kissing your lips,
right before I touch the ground.
upon the rocks.
Begging for just a glimpse,
before the door locks.
Click click,
goes the loaded weapon.
I can’t even,
make it to heaven.
Bang bang,
goes the closing door.
Now only cold waves,
crash upon my shore.
dwells here no more.
However, my wings,
never again shall soar.
A victory,
small as me.
A loss,
cold as can be.
Under skies of eternal blue…
Lost in a memory…
of you…
Jake Sellers ‘at the end
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Natural Grip

I’m a dying whisper,
a sad twist of fate.
I’m a soothing anger,
of mellow hate.
Open your heart,
let me in.
Open your mind,
please allow me to begin.
I’m a little off,
some say insane.
I’m slightly soft,
bringing chilling pain.
I am the fruits,
of their labor.
Every false prophet,
every real neighbor.
They have created in me,
a will to survive.
Little did they know,
I would find myself alive.
better than ever before.
anger roiling in my core.
I have come,
I tore a hole through it,
So do your worst,
do your best.
Beat me down,
and put me to the test.
But know this,
know one thing.
I have come,
Sent here to help,
help stoke the fire.
So give in,
give in to desire.
Do what you will,
what you will to each other.
Strike him down,
your own Goddamned brother.
Try to find it,
a little respect.
Each thrust only tightens,
Take her,
bring her to the ground.
But remember this,
for hearing it will be the last sound.
With primal scream,
and fluid grace.
I shall remove,
Expose you,
for what you really are.
A demon,
touched by the wish of a star.
A magical mask,
a villainous trick.
A broken neck,
and an exposed logic.
So before you go,
removing the head of a hydra.
Maybe think a bit,
and don’t go fucking with karma.
Jake Sellers 12

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Beautiful Life

The sky fell like righteous fire that day. The oceans boiled and roiled and crashed and thrashed. The world itself became like the chaotic nightmare of a child. I screamed and cried and told them of the sky, oceans, and world. None listened, for none could hear the voice of the broken. Some turned however, and began to heed the words spilling from my mouth. They looked pale white, wearing their stress in the bags that hung below their eyes. Yet a spark of life remained in them, buried deep within their bottomless eyes. A spark of hope, of truth and of love. They needed to see this, they needed to hear this, and they saw where I pointed, they listened, as the world turned away, to my seemingly senseless babbles. They recognized truth within every word I spoke. They saw no personal motive to the message I passed, and therefore knew it to be true. They craved direction, I pointed out the path.
I promised nothing in return for heeding the warning, I promised pain, death and loss would still stalk them everyday. I only swore, that in the end, when the world has forsaken them, had beat them down, and nearly destroyed them, that they were eternal. That they are part of something so much bigger than petty border disputes, and wars over power and money. That they are more beautiful than anyone will ever truly see, that when they pass from this life, this world will be a little darker, but the one they enter after this life, well it will be even more radiant. I showed them the strength inside to wage a never ending battle against every dark, hateful creature that stalks the landscape. Strength they never knew they had, but it remained always, right next to that secret place you hide things, right next to your heart. I never asked anything in return, except to know me, and love me.
In the end they knew and loved me. The sky calmed to a dark grey, rain readying itself to fall the miles to the surface of the earth. The oceans calmed, almost not a ripple could be seen across the span of the earth. Then the rain began, washing the chaos free from the earth, restoring life giving water to all the life on the planet. An old soul passed softly into the unknown, leaving an old broken shell, with a giant smile upon it. I then traveled to the moon and danced upon its surface, and there I found her. The most beautiful soul this earth has ever, or will ever know. Together we danced, and made love on the surface of the moon staring down at the earth, and beholding all the while the trail of sun we had left behind us. Knowing someday the light will return to us, and all will be white, as the driven snow.
                   Jake Sellers 12
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Sacrificial Rebirth

Lay broken upon this altar, just do me in
Sacrifice everything I am, let me reborn from blood and sin
Let everything in me fade and be free
Let discomfort fall away from me
I feel so strange here
So much feelings of dread, crippling fear
On the outside constantly
Cold, weary, and alone consistently
Transparent and apparently confused
Such an evil tool to be constantly used
Led like a lamb to the slaughter
Just leave me be, why even bother
I can’t be changed or rearranged
You view me as foolish, maybe deranged
How I wish I wasn’t the only one
Burning alone in the heat of this desert sun
My maker I beg you
Answer me one question, is it true
Have I fallen so far from your grace
That I am walking in the wrong shoes, wearing the wrong face
I feel misplaced, forgotten, and forsaken
How do I reclaim all they have taken
How do I become whole once more
When will I see dry land, a sandy shore
When will I find something I can hold in my heart
That won’t fade away and fall apart
Just give me a sign
I want to know how to make my stars shine
I want to know how to bring back the rains
I want to know how to calm this burning in my veins
I tried to kill him, this man inside
But listen, there is something I must confide
He won’t fade or be broken
He will be there silent, unspoken
But he shall remain the loudest voice in my head
Screaming till the world turns red
He will not be beaten, but stand strong till the end
He is my closest companion, my oldest friend
And he will not give in or drop
Nor be used as a common prop
He loves to love
To fly with angels up above
But his love is selfish and his own
He would rather end up all alone
Then to kill everything, he shall remain
Strongly standing through the pain
Till spirit flees flesh and bone
And he returns to stone
Jake Sellers 12
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Fading Out

Small compromises are made
Till the heart, it slowly begins to fade
Staring with dark intent at my own reflection
Burn, just another scar to add to this collection
I never wanted to be this
A broken shell among the wreckage, shit and piss
When will this end
When will you fade my friend
Given up on trust
Given into lust
I remember having stars in my eyes
Before the world took them with its lies
So lost now
Not even knowing how
To make it from this dark maze
Tick tock goes the clock and steals the days
Hourglass running out of sand
Time waits for no man
I stand
But get knocked down again right away
Reverberating in my head everything you used to say
Echoes from the past attack and last
Then when comfort comes they wither away so fast
I don’t want to be here
Consumed by doubt and fear
Holding my head as I scream
Wishing this were the dream
And what I see at night reality
As you open yourself to me
I see
Heaven laid bare
I want to go there
But do I dare
I want to believe in you
But still here I lay, black and blue
Waiting for fate to swing around and remember
That it left me behind that cold December
My world covered in white
Full of wrongs that feel so right
You left me behind
And alone I cannot find
The direction to take
Every decision I make
I find is wrong
You would think by now I would be strong
Enough to take all of this pain
But I am weakened now because of the rain
That falls with ferocious hate
Right on my head saying its too late
You can never return there
The innocent child you destroyed without a care
He is buried inside your shell
His soul resides within a private hell
You destroyer of dreams
When will you see this darkness is not what it seems
Open up let it flow through you
Give in and give the devil his due
Let him take your pain away
Listen intently to every word he has to say
Such a simple plan
Such a foolish man
To think you can fight the tide
Just lean back, enjoy the ride
The pain and all the sorrow
Learn to love it, more will arrive tomorrow
Close your eyes and return to your sacred place
Where you keep the memory of her face
Let her light wash over you
Remember the moments spent together, far to few
Let the beat of your heart guide you down
Till it is no more and your body rots in the ground
Lead me away from this place
Allow me a moment of your grace
And just like light fades away
So I shall too at the end of the day
Meet me in the light of the moon I cry
And there we will lay entangled and watch the world die
Jake Sellers 12
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Foolish Drunkard

My memories, they fall away
Just like the ashes of my cigarette
I try to remember a time
When this guilt didn’t chain me down
I lay shackled, broken, forgotten
What happened to all your promises
What happened to salvation
Why do I still feel unanswered
I just long to be free
Such a foolish notion
Nothing is free
If need be
I shall bleed
Take my life’s red
If it means they can all breathe free
I’m done fighting for smiles
I’m done fighting with pain
I just want someone to see
Even if they did
I still lose
I don’t really want them to see
Please don’t look
Bow my head
Keep my eyes on the ground
Right where they belong
Suffer my friend
In the end learn to love pain
That shall be your only constant
Everything else will fade
It all fades
It is all a broken ideal
Make it disappear
Before it can take hold
Broken words
From a beyond broken man
There is no repairing
Like a glass window
Guilt shall spill over
Let it come
I don’t deserve this air
I don’t deserve anything
You should be here
As well as you
If “God” had a bone to pick
He should have taken it up with me
Not any of you
You deserved better
Tell me there is a reason
I know it
Chaos wins the day again
Let there not be a God
For if there is I have something for my creator
It starts with an F and ends with an O
If you threw us here
In this time
In this place
Well then
Benevolent creator
Arrogant creature
You have failed
Cause a test failed
Is worth a hundred passed
When the answers are debatable
And you never gave anything
But debate
Well won
You stack the deck
But still
Well won
Take me I beg
This air in my lungs
It has grown as stale
As your words
Jake Sellers 12
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